Winklevoss Twins Launch Non-Fungible Tokens On Ethernity Chain

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have become almost legendary figures in the world of cryptocurrency and have both been long-time advocates of Bitcoin (BTC). Gemini Space Station is their holding company, and through it, the twins also have their very own cryptocurrency exchange as well as Nifty Gateway. The twins have thus far managed to invest in over 25 start-ups by this point in time, all focusing on digital assets to varying degrees.

Both Cameron and Tyler have now been immortalized thanks to NFT (non-fungible token) project ERN (Ethernity Chain).

Ethernity Chain

Ethernity Chain, more commonly known as ERN, addresses NFTs on a near regular basis and has thus now released various digital collectibles which had been issued by the Winklevoss twins themselves. As per the announcement made by ERN’s product team, the drop had occurred a couple of days ago, on the 29th of May 2021, when a series of 3 similar NFTs (yet varying in value) had been released. To this end, digital cards displaying the twins were launched, which memorialized Tyler and Cameron and brought in some more mainstream attention towards NFTs in general.

The series, titled ‘Common’, ‘Epic’ and finally ‘Legendary’, had been formed by ERN with assistance from various digital artists who are collectively known as Visual Labs. As of right now, over 100 cards from the 350 that had been initially released have successfully been sold off only two days following the official release.

Cameron took this opportunity to stress the fact that through the twin’s participation, both he and Tyler have once again displayed the support that they do have for the NFT community and movement. He went on to say that NFTs are not going anywhere and will be around for a long time and also that becoming immortalized via blockchain is certainly the best way to display the twins’ support.

The Winklevoss NFTs had been released as a portion of an aNFT (Authenticated NF) offering. Simply put, this kind of non-fungible token allows for increased security and prevents the selling of counterfeit and fake tokens.

With this release, all of the tokens within the offering shall be authenticated and verified thanks to the ERN team. Through this, it will be ensured that all creators will be directly linked to the specific NFTs that are created by only them and nobody else.

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