Ex-Presidential Candidate In The US Says Bitcoin Should Be Legalized

Ron Paul, a former congressman and presidential candidate in the US, air his opinion of the legitimization on the competitors of dollars like BTC. He said, “The people should be able to pick their choice currency, not the government, and this is where the freedom of choice will come to play.”

Ron Paul to Government: Legalize BTC as a currency to Compete with USD

In an interview with Michelle Makori of Kitco News on Wednesday, former presidential candidate Paul said he believes that bitcoin is an alternative asset. Ron Paul is a physician, author and former politician in the US. The Ron Paul Liberty Report was established in 2015 by the former congressman from Texas, Ron Paul, to facilitate proactive analysis and opinion to the pertinent issues affecting our finances and lives generally.

When he was asked about his views on BTC, Paul said that he is quite conversant with the precious metals as a currency than crypto. He opined: “I am fascinated with it for a while now, but much more, I am fascinated with what is coming.”

The former US politician also mentioned that people should be allowed to explore their freedom of choice. He referenced a bill he introduced to the Congress while he was a congressman to not only check the Federal Reserve but also expurgate the laws around legal tender. He then mentioned that he is sure that the government will not allow anything to create competition with the US Dollar on the national level.

The question was raised for Paul on what he meant by saying the competition between crypto and USD should be legalized. He responded that: “Currently, buying and selling gold incur taxed for you, which is right. If you transact BTC and make a profit, there are stories of people getting taxed. You can’t tax money as still tax it. No one takes the loss for a dollar that lose value over time.”

The Former Congressman will be Speaking at the BTC Conference

Come Friday, Ron Paul will be speaking at the 2021 BTC Conference. Talking about the content of his discussion at the conference, he said he would expand his opinion on the freedom of choice.

He said, “I will build a case on the legalization of the citizen’s freedom of choice, and the people choosing what they want, not the government.”

He agreed that people are enthusiastic about BTC and think it’s a matter of time. It will be the only existing money ousting dollar. However, he believes that the dollar will be around for a while but not would not worth much.

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