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Is OffersFX Regulated? OffersFX Licensing and Regulation

OffersFX complies with international regulatory standards and operates in Europe via Xtrade Europe Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission with license number 108/10. OffersFX is subject to the relevant regulatory requirements as per the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II).”

What to Expect When You Start Trading with OffersFX

If you have started the journey to search for the right online broker, you have taken your first step in the right direction. The next big step that you have to take right is choosing the best broker out of the bunch. This can be more difficult than you might reckon. When you compare brokers, you will find a lot of things that are common in their services. You have to pick one that has the best features among all and offers you with great opportunities to make money on your trades. Remember, you don’t just want to trade, you want to earn profits from trading.

In order to do that, you have to create a list of the best online brokers that can help you start properly. That’s where a broker like OffersFX comes in. This broker can provide you with all the features and facilities that will help you with your trading career. You will feel as though you have more than what you need when you have signed up with this broker. These words come from traders who are trading with it right now. For you to trust their words, you have to find everything out yourself. And that’s what this OffersFX review is going to help you with.

Today, you will get to read about all the great features from this broker so you can find out how lucrative it will be for you to trade with this broker and what you can expect from this trading journey.

A Journey with OffersFX as a Trader

You Will Start with Ease

You are going to admire the fact that this broker has made your entry into the trading world pretty easy with its easy signup requirements. The first barrier you always have to cross when signing up with an online broker is the initial deposit. You see, you have to create an online trading account with the broker and to activate that account, you have to deposit some money in it. Now, you can’t decide to put as much as money as you want. You have to make the initial deposit as required by the broker to activate your account. That’s where the broker can make things easy or difficult for you based on how much money you have.

If you are a new trader, you won’t have a lot of money to deposit in your account. Not to mention, even if you have a lot of money, you wouldn’t want to drop in your first trading account unless you have tested a few things out. So, the broker has to keep its requirements for the initial deposit within rational boundaries. That’s what you can expect from this broker. OffersFX will make sure that you are able to start your trading journey with it without any issues. So, the broker has a standard account, which has been designed for you if you are a new trader. This account can be started with just $200. Even if you look at the premium account from this broker, it can be started with a small sum of just $1000.

On the other hand, other online brokers require hundreds of thousands of dollars from you if you want to start their premium accounts. So, you see that this broker is pretty lenient with its new traders and right from the start of your trading journey with this broker, you will feel relaxed.

You Get a Regulated Broker

When you sign up with OffersFX, you get to sign up with a regulated broker. What’s the importance of signing up with a regulated broker? Well, it’s the only way for you to sign up with a legitimate online broker. On the other hand, when you sign up with unregulated brokers, you have to live in fear because the chances of them being illegitimate or scammers are very high. If a broker is regulated, it means that this broker gets regulated and monitored by a regulatory authority whose job is to protect your interests when you invest with online brokers.

So, right on the website of this broker you can find out that you are signing up with a regulated entity. This broker is properly regulated by CySEC or Cypress Securities and Exchange Commission. You can even find the registration and license number of the broker on the website. These are the credentials you should be looking for before you sign up with an online broker because they assure you that you are signing up with a legitimate and authentic online broker.

You Get a Regulated Broker

 You Will Deposit with No Commissions

This broker is going to make your life easy as a trader in many ways. You will be surprised to know that many online brokers bug their traders with hidden charges, fees, and commissions. They make things appear pretty simple. However, as soon as you start withdrawing money from your account or make a deposit, you realize that there are many different types of fees involved. However, when you sign up with a broker like OffersFX, you don’t have to worry about anything other than making a deposit and withdrawing money.

You will not have to fear that the broker is going to charge you extra money on anything. That’s not going to be the case. The broker will not charge you any extra commissions when you deposit money in your account. You won’t even be spending any extra money when you withdraw something from your account. You do, however, have to check whether or not your bank will charge you fees and commissions. The bank can charge you many different types of fees when you deposit money with an online broker. Those commissions are not from your broker, but the bank for providing their services.

You’ll Trade with Fixed Spreads

Certainty is extremely important when you sign up with an online broker. If you are not certain about things, you can’t ever feel confident about your trades. More importantly, you need certainty when you are a new trader. So, when you sign up with online brokers, you usually have to pay in the form of spreads. Spreads are the differences in the buying and selling prices of the assets when you trade them on the trading platform of the broker. This is how brokers make money for providing you with their valuable trading services. However, some brokers charge you commissions on your trades in addition to the spreads.

That can be extremely expensive. In addition to that, some brokers have their spreads floating. This means that the spread on the same asset can change when you are trading it. This can be difficult for new traders to handle. For them, certainty is the most important thing and that’s what they get when they sign up with OffersFX. If you are a new trader, you will be happy to know that this broker provides you with fixed spreads only. Your spreads on the same asset will remain the same no matter how long you have been trading with the broker and what the size of your order is. This certainty will help you in trading with confidence when you are on the trading platform of this broker.

You Will Access Many Financial Markets and Assets

You have to decide how much freedom you want when you are trading with a broker. You have many different choices based on the type of broker you sign up with. So, what is freedom all about when you trade online? Well, it shows how much freedom you will experience when you are looking to trade many different types of assets. When you are a new trader, you want access to many different types of markets because this allows you to learn many different types of assets and how they perform on the markets. In addition to that, if you are an experienced trader, you get a great opportunity of diversifying your portfolio with so many assets available to you.

When you sign up with this broker, you will have access to many different types of financial markets. You will be glad to know that you will not be stuck with a particular type of asset with OffersFX. So, let’s see one by one which assets you can trade with this broker.

Forex Currency Pairs

Forex Currency Pairs

You can trade forex currency pairs when you sign up with OffersFX. The best thing about this broker is that it will not keep you limited to a particular type of currency pairs. With many online brokers, you will notice that you don’t have access to any other pairs than the major ones. You will usually only see them offering currency pairs that have USD in them. However, this broker will let you experience other currencies as well. You have minor currency pairs available for trading with this broker in addition to exotic currency pairs. Pick the ones that suit your trading style and make profits on your trades like a professional trader.


If you don’t like the idea of trading assets from companies separately because that’s too much to handle, you should go with indices. Indices have stocks from many companies in one place. When you trade one index, you are trading the stocks of many different companies. Again, you will be surprised to know that you have access to indices from four different continents of the world in your access when you sign up with this broker.


Of course, not everyone is interested in trading indices. Some people like the idea of trading the stocks of their favorite companies, and if you are one of them, you will not be disappointed with your decision of signing up with OffersFX. This broker provides you with access to many stocks from a variety of companies from around the world. Use your fundamental analysis to find out which company will perform the best in 2020 and start your trading career the way you want.


If you look deep into this category, you are going to fall in love with it. You have many different types of assets that you can trade within the commodity category. It will give you access to precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum. In addition to that, you can trade raw materials as well. If you like trading coffee beans, wheat, and other produce, you will choose this category. In addition to that, you can trade the energies of the world too, such as gas and crude oil.

You Will Trade on Your Device

Did you know many traders in the past had to switch to different devices when they started trading with their brokers? So, just a few years ago, the concept of trading from home became a norm. At that time, you have online brokers providing you with the best option that was available at that time i.e. trading on your personal computer. However, a personal computer is not the best option anymore. Today, you have many other devices that have become an integral part of modern people’s lifestyles. Think about laptops, tablets, and smartphones. You can’t say that you rely solely on a desktop computer anymore.

If you are a modern trader, you want your trading platform to pace with you. At the same time, it is a customer-driven world where you get things your way rather than businesses designing solutions and making you conform to them. So, when it comes to trading online, you want the trading platform to be according to your lifestyle. How do you do that? You sign up with a broker that provides you with a trading platform that you can use on your devices, regardless of which one you are holding. Whether you have use a laptop or prefer to trade on the go on your smartphone, your trading platform should be there for you.

In addition to that, many people are trading while they are traveling. In that scenario, you want a trading platform that you can use on the other side of the world as well. OffersFX has provided you with a perfect trading platform that works in all the ways you want it to. So, when you want the trading platform on your tablet or smartphone, you can download the application specifically designed for these devices. You will experience speedy trading on your platforms because they run fast on their respective devices. The interface is easy and all the indicators and tools you need while trading are also there on the application.

The thing you will love about the trading platform applications is that they will run on your smartphones no matter which operating system you have on them. If you are using a smartphone with iOS on it, you will run the software with ease. At the same time, if you have an Android phone, your trading platform will be just as smooth on your Android phone as well. What makes the trading platform from this broker absolutely amazing is that you can have it in the web-based format as well. Yes, you are getting a webtrader from the broker that allows you to trade from anywhere in the world on any device you want at any time you want.

This trading platform does not run into any compatibility issues because it opens for you when you open the website of the broker. You use this platform like any other website and if you have a major browser installed on your device, you will not have any issues using the software in the web-based form.

You Will Enjoy Leveraged Trading

You should know at this point that you are trading with a broker that provides you with CFD trading. CFD trading involves no purchase or sale of the asset. You just trade the contract that carries the value of the asset that you wish to trade. That’s what you are going to love about this format of trading. The best thing is that you can enjoy leveraged and margin trading with this type of trading format. When you traded conventionally, you could not have enjoyed the benefits of leverages. Leverages are the contributions coming from your broker to help you enter trades that are otherwise not possible for you to pull off with the money you have in your account.

Some trades are huge and you can’t enter them because you don’t have enough money in your account to enter them. That’s when you can love some leverage from the broker you have signed up with. Not all brokers can provide you with huge leverages. However, when you sign up with OffersFX, you will notice that you can trade with some huge leverages. The amount of money that you can trade with leverages is huge. Since the amount of your trade increases when you get the contribution from your broker, your profits multiply as well. You just have to make sure that you are successful with your trade to enjoy the amplified profits.

You Can Deposit with Ease

You already know that OffersFX is not charging you any commissions on your deposits, which is something rare with online brokers these days. However, when you are with a great broker, you never have to pay such unnecessary costs. These costs can be extremely discouraging for new traders, who can’t afford them and decide to not trade again. But when your broker understands your concerns, it never charges you any unnecessary commissions and fees. So, when you deposit money in your account with this broker, you will see the entire amount in your account because there will be no deductions.

In addition to that, you will be able to use some of the best and safest methods of depositing money in your online account. These methods are safe, smooth, and fast. More importantly, they are regulated by different entities. You can find the information about the regulating entities on the website of the broker. So, if you want to deposit money as soon as possible in your account, you can go with the credit card deposit. If you are not in a hurry but want to keep things as safe as possible, you should consider going with the bank wire transfer option. You have many other options to deposit your money with this broker, which you don’t find with other brokers.

For example, you can use Neteller to deposit money in your account. This is a fast and safe method that many new traders prefer to use on any other deposit methods. Other methods that you can use to fund your account with this broker include SafeCharge and Skrill. Do keep in mind that you can use the same method to withdraw money from your account which you use for depositing money.

Your Funds and Info Will Be Safe

Your Funds and Info Will Be Safe

If you know you have signed up with the right broker, you will never have to worry about your information and money. There are many standards and compliance regulations that online brokers have to follow. The brokers who follow these regulations are the ones who are serious with their businesses. So, when it comes to your information, you want a broker that can protect it through encryption as soon as you provide it on the website. In addition to that, you have standards set by the online regulating authorities that the brokers should put your money in separate accounts from theirs. The best brokers implement this policy as well.

Will your information be encrypted when you are trading with OffersFX? The simple answer to that question is yes. Is this broker going to put your money in segregated accounts? The answer to that question is a yes too.

Final Thoughts

You have to admire a broker like OffersFX for all that it is doing for its traders. It has provided them with a great trading platform and helped them with leverages and fixed spreads to give them the perfect opportunity to make money on their trades. Once you start trading with this broker, you will definitely feel that you are free from unnecessary obligations and regulations that take away the taste of trading online.

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