Is HFTrading Regulated? HFTrading Regulation | HFTrading Review

Is HFTrading Regulated? HFTrading Licensing and Regulation

HFTrading is authorised by the Australia Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to provide certain financial services in Australia under Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) number 414198. HFTrading is a CFD provider registered in New Zealand as a private company limited by shares and registered in Australia as a registered foreign company.

An Honest Review to Know How Good HFTrading Is

A continuous phenomenon that existed with the birth of mankind is trading and the existence of both, the trading and mankind, undoubtedly depends on each other’s survival. Both are strongly tied together and no matter what the circumstances are, they continue to flourish irrespective of whether the entire world is in a state of war or the world is struck by a pandemic such as we are facing today, like Covid-19. Even though that the pandemic has struck the entire world altogether, where countries have been forced to impose lockdowns causing irreparable loss and damage to the national economy, however, with all these odds the trading is still continuing.

With the remarkable innovation of computer and then the internet, we are now capable of carrying out trade with more comfort of accessibility, and that too by sitting in your homes, through the use of internet. While the traditional market is still dominating the trading market, however, the modern trade, and more precisely online trading, has seen a tremendous growth over the years with the ever-increasing use of internet.

The online trading has opened up gates of opportunities for traders who are interested to enter the financial markets. Likewise the traditional trading, online trading system also provide services of buying and selling of CFDs on stocks, commodities, forex, indices etc. The only difference is that you don’t need to establish physical relationship with the online finanical service provider and trading of any product can be done online at any time or anywhere in the world. The online trading system has brought the traders all over the world into one venue. Now the distance does not matter and anyone from any part of the world can easily avail the services of an online trader/financial service provider so as to conduct his business.

Today we have thousands of financial service provider who offer their services to their customers. HFTrading is not like the others; and you can judge it on your own. Today we will have a close look at what services are offered by HFTrading and learn more about them with the perspective of a novice investor.

HFTrading cryptocurrency trading
HFTrading cryptocurrency trading

What is HFTrading

HFTrading is an online financial service provider which is equipped with the skills of making available for its customers vibrant opportunities and helping them to upgrade their trading experience. We all know that the trading journey is full of surprises and unexpected turns but HFTrading is able to provide to its customers ease of access of trading in multiple products available for trade in the markets. As compared with some other online financial service providers, they do not make false promises. What makes a financial service provider a standout performer, is its team which plays a game changing role for the investor.

There is no doubt that HFTrading has one of the best team who are highly qualified and equipped with the knowledge and education regarding online trading. HFTrading believes in continuous interaction with the customers so as to provide to their customers a professional trading experience. It is run, managed and operated by CTRL Investments Limited, a company which is duly incorporated in New Zealand under the relevant laws and have been successfully carrying out its business in New Zealand as well as in Australia.

Why HFTrading? What makes it different?

Trading is not just something about formulizing strategies. In fact it is much more than that and this is why HFTrading is considered one of the best online financial service providers amongst the trading community. It allows its clients to be better equipped and to implement the trading strategies in a more efficient and effective manner. No one is born as a successful trader and the thing which makes any trader a successful trader is the choice he or she makes by finding the most suitable online financial service provider for him or her . Let us take a journey into what HFTrading has to offer to its customers.

Multiple choices of accounts

The first most amazing feature of HFTrading is that it has multiple choice accounts available for the traders. Any person who wish to engage the services of HFTrading, has the independence of choosing the account of his/ her own choice. HFTrading provides the following accounts to its customers: –

·        Silver (for novice)

This type of account is specifically designed to cater the specific needs of those customers who are not experienced traders. HFTrading provides dedicated support and lucratuve trading conditions to the holders of Novice account in order to serve their best interests.

·        Gold (for advanced traders)

Then the second type of account being provided by HFTrading is the “Gold” account which is specifically designed for such traders who are advanced. Since these type of account holders are already aware of how the trading system works, and have gained experience over the years, therefore HFTrading provide them with dedicated account managers, educational webinars so as to help them becoming even more experienced and knowledgeable. This type of account is recommended for advanced traders and, however, a novice trader can apply for this facility too it is advised that he should start with  the Silver account in order to have better understanding of the online trading system and market conditions.

·        Platinum (for pro level traders)

The third account type being provided by HFTrading is “Platinum” account which is often selected by pro-traders. Those who have vast knowledge in the field of online trading, usually sign for Platinum account because this type of account contains numerous advantages which are all different and distinct from Silver and Gold account. A personal manager is also dedicated in this type of account and there are other benefits such as variable leverages and swap discounts up to 50%.


What makes any online trading service provider a successful one is the fact that what type of trading products it has available with it which can then be worked out by its traders. The major products of trading being offered by HFTrading are:

·        Cryptocurrencies CFDs

Most of us well recognize that the latest trend of trading product is cryptocurrencies which is a digital currency and do not have physical form. Bitcoin which is the first ever cryptocurrency that launched in 2009, since its inception, it has gained reputation all over the world over a decade. There are now various cryptocurrencies CFDs available in the market in which customers can carry out their trading. HFTrading has been successfully able to provide its customers the opportunities of trading in cryptocurrencies CFDS.

·        Commodities CFDs

The most famous type of trading product is the “Commodities” which include trading items ranging from grains, meat, gold, oil, coffee, cocoa, sugar, wheat etc. to natural gas. There is no denying the fact the trading in commodities CFDs is an important way for the traders to making their trading strategies. Commodities CFDs dominates any type of trading products and has a vast market. Without doubt it offers the trader the opportunity but involves many risk factors which the trader need to take into consideration.

·        Forex CFDs

Forex is another most common trading product. In Forex people can take part in exchange of currencies as well as buy and sell various currencies. HFTrading is providing a variety of option to trade Fofrex on CFDs.

·        Shares CFDs

In this type of trade, a person can buy or sell shares and stock CFDs of a company. This is also very popular trading product amongst the online trading community. Trading shares CFDs offers unique opportunity  and it is good way to diversify traders’ portfolio.

·        Indices CFDs

In Indices trading, CFD is the most popular way of trading. HFTrading provides robust opportunities to its customers in CFD assets trading and gives in-depth analysis to its customers about the increase and decrease of prices of such assets which ultimately enables the customers to assess the asset. Once the customer of HFTrading decides to trade in particular assets of CFD, HFTraders provide efficient and exclusive access to worldwide equity markets in which the customer can then easily determine the exchange difference from the contract opening till its closure.

·        Metals CFDS

Precious metals CFDs such as platinum, gold, silver etc. are also part of online trading. Such trading is directly linked with the economic conditions which vary from countries to countries. Considering the rarity of these precious metals, they never lose their demand and always contain high values. These are also popular trading items in the online trading market as well as in the traditional markets. However, again this type of trading has a high potential of inviting risks because the prices of precious metals are decreased on daily basis. Keeping in view this factor of price increase and decrease in precious metals, one has to bring balance before taking part in the trading of precious metals.

The best way is to engage services of a highly experienced online financial service provider. Again HFTrading is able to provide in-depth analysis and draw up detailed strategies to help its customers to take part in this type of trading while applying more cautious approach as well as ensuring that the profits are earned.

Trading Platforms

HFTrading has made exploration of financial markets all across the world easily accessible to all its online traders. The traders are one click away from trading in a particular item of trade of their choice. All this can be achieved through specific platforms designed with the knowledge and expertise of many skilled people of the world with the aim to give a better access to the traders who prefer to carry out trading while sitting in their homes. Very popular among these platforms are:  

·        MetaTrader4

MetaTrader4 is an award winning platform which is able to provide user friendly trading interface to its users in which financial markets all across the world can be accessed from your personal computers. Millions of people have already been deriving benefits from this platform in a pursuit for achieving their desired results. Similarly, while realizing the ever increasing demand of its customers, HF Trading also provides MetaTrader4 platform for its valued customers. Through this platform the HF Trading customers can efficiently analyze the price movements, have a closer look at the prevailing market trends as well as perform functions of placing orders by minimizing the risks. The software can be easily downloadable from HF Trading’s website and can instantly be used to the benefit of the users.

·        Web Trader

HFTrading also has its own Web Trader platform which does not require downloading and installation of any software instead it can be easily accessed by traders from anywhere..

·        Mobile app

Today everyone has his or her own mobile phone. There are hardly any people who do not own any mobile phone and if there are any – that is some news. This remarkable invention has brought everything within your reach and in your hands. With the ever-growing use of mobiles, smart apps have been introduced by the businessmen in an attempt to build long term relationships with their customers. This has enabled a healthy competition which has in return benefitted the end consumer. Realizing the importance of mobiles in a person’s life, HFTrading has also ensured that it is able to provide its customers services through mobile apps.

Keeping up with the pace of financial markets is not easy because the financial markets change every second. If you wish to be a an experienced trader then you have to keep yourself quickly and immediate updated otherwise someone else will avail the opportunity. HFTrading has developed mobile app of its own through which has been successful in letting its customer trade even on the tiniest change in the market instantly and immediately. In this way the traders can make a move by availing the opportunity at the very right time.


HFTrading has not limited itself only to the extent of doing business and rendering service as an online financial service provider; instead it has earned the reputation of being one of the top, which is involved also in education. This shows how determined and composed HFTrading is when it comes to show how much responsible it is. At HFTrading website there is a unique tab with the name “Education”. This is one of the most distinct features which makes HFTrading different from any other online financial service provider. Some of the salient features are as follows:

·        VOD

Firstly there is VOD which is video on demand. Through the videos visitors can understand and gain knowledge about the online trading as well as trading products.

·        Ebooks

Then there are ebooks which deals with various topics relating to online trading system. One can easily access these books without paying a single penny and learn the online trading system in greater detail without the help of any person. The books contain helpful material which is spot on and help the reader understand the benefits, opportunities and potential of online trading. It is the fastest and easiest way to learn for a beginner and many of the visitors have already acquired knowledge and skills while reading these e-books.

·        Courses

Then there are “Courses” being offered by HFTrading to educate their existing and future customers. One can easily gain knowledge from these courses which also include “Beginners Course” in which anyone who wishes to join the trading markets can become an expert in the field beforehand.

Customer Support

Let us not forget about another most important feature of a successful online trading service provider which is “Customer Support”. This is the area where most of the online financial service provider are unable to be up to the task. One way or another their customers face many problems which if not resolved immediately can make them lose their clients. It is therefore of utmost importance for any online financial service provider to have an at all times available customers support which is equipped and qualified enough to deal with and resolve problems that are being faced by the customers on daily basis. If the personnel of customer support are under-trained and not as per the international standards then this would definitely result in losing of business.

While realizing the importance of this special factor, HFTrading has a customer support team which is comprised of highly trained and well-educated persons who are capable of handling the customers from different parts of the world as well as fully equipped to resolve any issue immediately which is being faced by the customers. The support managers can be contacted over phone during the business days between Monday to Friday as well as live support chats are also made available by HFTrading to answers the queries of its customers. Through its reliable customer support, over the years, HFTrading has been able to build up long term relationship with its customers all across the world which is well respected by it’s clients.

Final Thoughts

Irrespective of that you are a novice, advanced trader or a pro-trader, at any point in time you may need assistance and it is important also for HFTrading. For more information you may go to HFTrading’s website.

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