New MIT Bitcoin Campaign Set To Feature Prominent Bitcoin Analysts

A new wave of development is set to hit the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, which has continued to be at the forefront of the booming cryptocurrency market. However, the most successful cryptocurrency is not one without its down, as it continues to struggle with wide stream adoption, price volatility, non-regulation, amongst others. However, In a quest to bring more development to the growing adoption of the digital asset, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Laboratory has now raised about $4 million to launch a Protection program tailored to the cryptocurrency.

The program will feature Jack Dorsey, Micheal Saylor, and others

While the news of the Bitcoin protection campaign set to launch by the research arm of the world-renowned University has been met with several applause, the most critical aspect is that it is set to feature prominent Bitcoin Analysts. The new Bitcoin campaign program will feature Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, CEO of Microstrategy- Micheal Saylor, and Founders of Gemini Crypto Exchange- the Winklevoss Brothers. The $4 million program by MIT Media Labs called Digital Currency Initiative is set to span for four years. The research program will also develop initiatives to protect the network of the digital asset.

Another core feature of the Digital Currency Initiative (DCI) will be to develop several automated security-themed programs that will protect the network against hacks and attacks in the future. The general belief about a program like this, especially by crypto analysts, is that it will further develop cryptocurrency fortunes. It is also worthy to note that the DCI, which was developed in 2015 by MIT Media Labs, has been a firm admirer of Bitcoin and has been working behind closed doors to improve the decentralized network’s fortune.

DCI feels Bitcoin’s decentralization makes it hard to develop the cryptocurrency

The wide adopted belief amongst several crypto analysts in the past towards the decentralized nature of Bitcoin is that the digital assets have been successful due to it. However, the authorities at DCI are not entirely convinced. The DCI team feels that while the network’s decentralized nature has brought it a success, it has alternatively altered rapid security and infrastructure developments to the network. The DCI also mentioned that the decentralized nature of the network has made it difficult for it to utilize the most critical human resources and talents for its development, a hurdle that their new protection program will solve now by bringing in more talents and experts.

The DCI has been well known to be a firm admirer of the Bitcoin Network, and many in the crypto community expect that their new protection program will fulfill its aim. While the roles of Dorsey, Saylor, and Winklevoss brothers in the new initiative have yet to be announced by the DCI, the crypto community expects the Crypto analysts to do a good job and further improve the fortunes of Bitcoin.

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