Beeple’s NFT Artwork Resold For Almost $7 Million

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) continue to increase in popularity in the cryptocurrency space, as the art-themed tokens’ uniqueness is becoming more appreciated. However, in a new report, an NFT showing former U.S president Donald Trump lying in dirt after his loss at the last election has now been re-sold for approximately $6.6 million.

The project called Crossroad, which was a subject of many bids, was created by Mike Winkleman. The popular NFT digital artist, also known as Beeple, is not new to deals of this nature, as he has in the past sold NFTs worth fortunes.

The sale is a record-breaking one

Beeple is a well-known NFT artist, popularly known across the space for the amount of creativity he employs in his work. The artist’s project is well known to have amassed his wealth, as he made more than $2 million in sales of NFTs last December. Last December, the project auctioned by the artist was subject to huge bids, as he made fortunes in barely 15 minutes of auctioning.

However, his project’s new resale is a record-breaking one for the NFTs space and the digital artist himself. The project was first sold on Gemini’s Nifty Gateway, a digital space that handles the trading of NFTs, owned by the popular crypto exchange.

However, Crossroad has now been resold to an anonymous buyer who heard about the art on social media, Twitter. The only details from the anonymous purchase of the NFT are that the sale is ow the highest ever piece of digital art sold by Nifty Gateway and Mike Winkleman.

Beeple’s art could have taken another turn

When Beeple was quizzed on why he decided to create such an abusive art, the artist responded that the intention was not to shame Donald Trump. According to the digital artist, the idea was to put the loser between Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the last United States election in the art. The artist believes that the art that depicts Trump and many with derogatory words, against the belief of many, was not targeted as hate towards Trump.

The digital artist explained that had Trump won the election; he would have placed a crown on the head of the former President, who would currently be serving another term at the moment. The popularity of the small NFT space continues to grow within the cryptocurrency space. Many are beginning to appreciate the amount of creativity the digital artist put into the work.

Beeple is not the only digital artist who has seemed to be making the most out of the small NFT space, as CryptoPunks- a popular digital art platform like Nifty Gateway where digital arts can be bought, have earlier reported that many of its art have been subjects of bids worth hundreds of thousands of dollar. However, a few criticisms have not eluded the market. Many feel that the lack of original content and offerings will stunt the growth of the space believed by analysts only to occupy 3% of the large cryptocurrency market.

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