A Production Company Intends To Launch A Drama Series On NFTs

An investment and production firm is setting up to launch a crypto-based drama series to be put on NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which will feature the rift among the Americans and Hong Kongers to develop a digital currency. The responsibility of creating the 12-episodes series named Crypto Keepers (the premiere of which will be conducted at some time in the next year) has been taken by the production firm named AMM Global, as reported by Variety (an entertainment publication) on Sunday.

The prominent personalities related to the cryptocurrencies and some fictional plots based on the professional and the individual lives of the people who have been directly or indirectly involved in developing a digital currency like Bitcoin will be included in the series, which is reported to be released through the non-fungible tokens.

The speakers included in the series will include Cantonese as well as English speakers featuring to be the citizens of several countries. Although the series is a fictional production, it will move around the real big events in the history of cryptocurrency, which will suitably connect with the plot.

Bizhan Tong, the executive director of AMM, disclosed that ‘Crypto Keepers’ is a portion of their strategy to fill up the gap between the Eastern and Western sides in an innovative manner of telling the stories of international stories related to the subject. He further revealed that some trailblazing interactive elements inspired by the video games would also be incorporated in this NFT drama series to enable the viewers to gather the props, characters, and the scenes from the story at the end following the completion of the due time of the story.

CryptoBLK (a blockchain firm based in Hong Kong), he added, will be responsible for producing the series into an NFT, whereas the financing of the project will be done by AMM, Phoenix Waters Productions, and YG Capital. Even though the series is regarded among the first crypto-based drama NFTs which is Asian-based, one production company from Hollywood has also shown the intentions to create a crypto-comedy drama series out of the widespread appraisal of the topic, named ‘Hold on for Dear Life’ the filming of which will commence in August. Another drama series named ‘Romantic Hacker’ has also been premiered in South Korea in October. The center of attention of this series was the blockchain and crypto topics flavoring a romantic taste.

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