Famous Music Star Katy Perry Announces To Drop A Non-Fungible Token Collection At The End Of 2021

The popular Pop Music Artist announced in a tweet that she is planning to drop her very own unique NFT collection in partnership with the THETA network later this year.

Katy said in the tweet from her official account that she is very excited about the launch of the new collection and is very curious to see what the sale of the NFT collection will bring to her. Katy told fans to keep on the lookout for the NFT collection, which contains her very memorable and creative moments from her ‘Play’ residency, from which the IRL experience is also Tangible.

Katy Perry also mentioned that she is purchasing a small amount stake in THETA Labs. THETA Labs is a company that has its focus on making peer to peer video streaming decentralized by utilizing the power and functionalities of blockchain technology. Seeing this move, it is expected that pop artists will take part in more future projects as well.

Further information from THETA Labs revealed that the Partnership with the world-famous pop artist would help to boost the sales of the presented digitally collectable items that are originated from her ‘Play’ residency, located in the rich city of Las Vegas. THETA Labs has started giving users the option to sign up to receive notifications alerts for when the NFT will drop later this year. According to THETADrop in the THETA network, the sale is expected to initiate in the 4rth Quarter of this year, probably in the coming month.

NFTs under inspection

The carbon footprint that NFTs have seen doubts because of the questionable energy consumption due to the proof of work system used by the Ethereum-based Network. However, THETA’s blockchain network uses the proof of stake, which will help in the reduction of energy consumption and minimize carbon emissions.

NFT Popularity

Katy Perry is not the only popular figure that has taken part in the creation and selling of NFT collections. Undefeated Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather launched his own NFT collection back in May of this year. More Popular Music Artists, including Jay-Z and the rap Legend Eminem, have also introduced their own and unique NFT collections that remind them of their most precious and memorable times.

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