XRP Forensics Report Reveals Over 2.5M XRP Were Scammed From Users During the Last Month

XRP Forensics, the firm that deals with XRP analytics, shared the recent statistics via Twitter that the company has tracked down a massive movement of XRP amounts during the last month that also includes the XRP amount that scammers took away in the form of giveaway scams. XRP Forensics took the customers in confidence by declaring that the company is doing its best to help out the customers in recovering the scammed and stolen coins.

XRP Forensics shared the comprehensive details about the stolen coins during the last month via tweets, including the giveaway scam’s data as well. In a tweet, the company shared that more than 2.5 million XRPs were taken away in the form of giveaway scams over the past month via well-reputed cryptocurrency exchanges, mainly KuCoin and Kraken. Moreover, the company claims that these scams were panned via smaller patches and were being promoted from December of 2020 and kept on happening onwards.

Details of XRP Scam

XRP Forensics shared that collectively more than 2.5 million XRPs were included in giveaway scams. Many websites got victimized in those giveaway scams as approximately 3.6 million XRP was stolen. It is important to note that firm has not laundered 900,000 XRP yet. More than 460 people have to suffer and face the loss of their tokens as a result of these scams.

Forensics shared that fraudsters kept sending the scammed XRP to the few exchanges, mainly Binance, KuCoin, and Kraken. Moreover, forensics data shows that these exchanges have been used for a very long time for scam purposes even though the wallets are being marketed with warning flags in the reports of the company.

XRP Forensics has summoned KuCoin to cope with the Scammers

On the 3rd of May 2021, XRP Forensics summoned the support team of KuCoin via Twitter (as the KuCoin team didn’t respond via DM) to contact to cope with the scam and to nail out the scammers. In addition, forensic shared that a particular wallet was used for the scam via KuCoin.

In response, the exchange suggested that the company should submit the proper details like TXID, name of the token, and support ticket, which would ease the solution, and the company assured to publish the detailed report of stolen funds and scam as soon as possible.

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