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Is Wynn-Ex Regulated? Wynn-Ex Licensing and Regulation

Wynn-Ex Review

Wynn-Ex logoNowadays the most suitable person to seek advice from is a friend. But the problem is that friends can help you in many situations but not in all situations. If in any situation, your existing friends are unable to help you, then you can take help from the friends available on the internet. By internet friends, I am referring to writers who use different services just to help you by sharing details of their personal experiences. Right now, you can consider me a friend as well because I am here with a Wynn-EX review. Including Wynn-EX, I have tested many exchanges in the recent weeks and gone through every minute detail, and now I am going to share all details with you.

So the exchange which is the topic of my today’s review is Wynn-EX. Wynn-EX is based in a European country, Estonia. In a short time, it has climbed the stairs of success rapidly, and now it is one of the top-ranked cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. There are many exchanges that create hype in the market at the time of their inauguration but soon get out of the screen because they fail to provide top-notch services. If you have a glance at their features, tools, and services, you will be compelled to say that they don’t care at all about their traders and are only after the money of traders. Now I am going to share all the details about Wynn-EX with you so that you can come in a position to make the decision on your own.

Wynn-Ex website

Peace Of Mind And Satisfaction Of Heart

After conveniently converting my FIAT currency into digital currency and earning money by trading with Wynn-EX, the most precious profit I have earned is peace of mind. If you earn money but cannot sleep at night because you are not able to completely trust your exchange, then you should reconsider your choice. You can only have peace of mind when you can completely trust your partner, and winning your trust is the duty of the exchange with which you are doing business. When a trader comes to know that his money is safe in the hands of his exchange and it will protect his money at any cost, then the trader becomes satisfied. I have discovered all the information which is considered as the basics of the online trading world.

When I registered on the Wynn-EX platform, like all other traders, I also had to provide my personal information to the platform. Initially, I did not like the idea of entering my personal information, but soon I realized that it is better for me and my belongings. I was further relieved when I came to know that this exchange uses state-of-the-art encryption technology on the platform to protect the information of its traders. When Wynn-EX receives your information, it is instantly converted into a coded language that is only understood by the exchange itself. It means that if by chance someone steals the information, still he would not be able to understand it or convert it back to the original language. That is why no one tries to get into the database of Wynn-EX.

Different websites use different encryption techniques, but Wynn-EX uses the latest technology for this purpose. It is called SSL, which stands for Secure Socket Layer protocol, which is a 256 bits encryption standard. In non-technical language, it means that one word is transformed 256 times so that no one could understand or guess it. So, the information which I provided is protected, and I feel as light as a leaf. This is what gives me peace of mind after being a member of Wynn-EX. Now I am okay with providing my personal information and banking details to the exchange.

Policies For Security And Privacy

Wynn-Ex Security and privacy policies

In addition to the encryption protocol, the other thing of Wynn-EX which impressed me the most is the use of advanced security policies. Some online brokers and exchanges often deliberately skip this step because it can make some of their investors unhappy. But risking information of all traders for the happiness of a few is not a wise decision. The reason is that they want more and more traders to register on their platform, but demanding information scares notorious traders away. But don’t worry because Wynn-EX is not one of those brokers who compromise security for the sake of a few thousand dollars. It complies with the industry-standard according to which brokers and exchanges have to acquire all the necessary information (with proof) to recognize the identity of traders.

The question which arises here is why recognition of traders is so important in the trading world. It is important because thieves cannot steal your money from the outside. For this purpose, they enter the platform like any other trader. But they do not dare to reveal their true identity. That is why they target those platforms which do not demand proof of identity. Those firms which do not compromise this rule remain safe from cyber-attacks, but those firms which compromise on rules should be considered accomplices of the criminals. This is the reason Wynn-EX strictly follows KYC and AML policies. These policies are applicable to every person who wants to register himself on this exchange.

Now, let me quickly give you an idea of what these policies are and why they are implemented. KYC stands for Know Your Customer, and it serves the upper described purpose. According to this policy, the traders are required to provide a picture of the national identity card as proof, and if you fail to do so, then you would not be given access to the platform. The second policy, which is AML, stands for Anti Money Laundering. It is used to stop people from legalizing their black money and terrorist funding as well. For this purpose, the platform demands either proof of a utility bill, bank statement, or both. With this information, it becomes possible for the exchange to locate the source of money.

Now, let’s come towards the privacy policy of the platform, which is available on the website. The website never misuses the data of its respected customers. It never shares your personal data with any irrelevant person. The exchange has clearly mentioned the purposes for which it may use your data. Follow the details.

The first purpose behind data collection is to provide services and enable you to use them as well. Secondly, the exchange uses your statistical information to improve and expand its services. Thirdly, the website uses your information to contact you if it is required. It does so by sending an email or an SMS on the information provided by the customers. The information may also be used for conducting research by the officials of the exchange (no third party is allowed to do so). Lastly, it uses information for proper and orderly operations of the website.

Currency Of My Choice

When I buy something over the internet, I prefer to use Euro. When a trader tries to buy cryptocurrency, he expects to be treated the same way no matter which currency he uses for the purchase. Good exchanges don’t create this type of discrimination between their traders. When I was searching for an exchange for myself, I searched for a platform that allows me to use Euro because it is the currency that I use in my everyday life. After days of hard work, my search ended with Wynn-EX because it allowed me to use the currency with which I am comfortable.

The efforts of Wynn-EX need to be admired because when you open the website, you will notice that it permits you to choose the currency of your own choice. You can convert your FIAT currency into any digital currency which you think has the most potential for growth. The currencies which are acceptable on the Wynn-EX platform are EUR, GBP, USD, and many more.

Multiple Coins To Buy

I am one of those traders who like to invest their capital in more than one asset. At the beginning of my career, I usually preferred Bitcoin, but with the passage of time, I came to know that other digital currencies are also improving. If you want to trade only Bitcoin, then I would not stop you, but I want to tell you that there are thousands of new digital coins which can also be used to earn great profits. In fact, the total number of digital currencies in the online trading market is over five thousand. Some of these coins are being sold at a very affordable price because they are new in the market. New traders usually have a small capital to invest. That is why it is better to have full coins instead of buying some fractions of Bitcoin. These new coins are created by developers who care about the trading world just like us or maybe even more than us.

In any field of life, the initiator faces more problems than its followers because they get the opportunity to learn from the mistakes and deficiencies of the leader. The same happened with cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, the initiator, and leader of this market, faced many problems but the coins which emerged after it got a chance to avoid the mistakes which Bitcoin made unintentionally.

As a result, the altcoins came up with solutions to many existing problems such as paying vendors, removal of middlemen, and complications of money transfer. Now problems don’t even appear because they are already taken care of. The point which I am trying to convey is that altcoins are as safe as the Bitcoin itself; that is why they should also be given a chance to prove themselves. These digital currencies also have the potential to grow. That is why there is no reason why you should not consider them. That is why you should choose a broker which provides many options to pick from.

I am really happy to inform you that Wynn-EX is a cryptocurrency exchange that has taken care of this matter as well. Its users are not restricted to Bitcoin only. You can trade many cryptocurrencies which you think have a prosperous future, including Ethereum and Ripple. If you want to trade multiple digital currencies, then, believe me, this exchange is the best and suitable option for you.

Sell as well as Purchase

There are some exchanges in this market that don’t care about you because they are only interested in your money. The proof is that they only sell their stuff and don’t buy anything from you. If you have registered yourself with this type of exchange, then you will not get anything in return. These are the exchanges that sell you many digital currencies, but when it comes to buying from you, they straight away refuse to do so. To manipulate you, they would give other options to sell your cryptocurrency but won’t buy from you. I was really disappointed when I came to know about this sad reality, but thankfully, Wynn-EX has never placed limitations on me to only buy stuff from the exchange.

No one wants to register with an exchange that only sells you its stuff and buys nothing from you. That is why I advise you to use Wynn-EX. On this platform, you can buy as well as sell your digital coins, which are listed on the exchange’s website. If I share my personal experience with you, I have never faced any problem while selling my digital currency back to this exchange. I have spent many years in this market now, and I have learned that in order to make money, a trader needs to keep buying and selling cryptocurrencies. But if your exchange is not supporting you in doing so, it means that it is stopping you from earning a profit, and it can hurt you even more in the longer run. It means that you cannot afford an exchange that only sells you crypto and then asks you to sell them on other platforms.

When you go to sell your cryptocurrency on other exchanges, they already know that your exchange has dumped you. That is why they offer you minimum rates because you have no other option left to go. If this is happening to you, then you should know that you are being exploited, and your own exchange is responsible for that because it has abandoned you. But my experience with Wynn-Ex is quite the opposite because I can sell and purchase on this exchange without any issue. I have been using this exchange for a while now, but it has never tried to deceive or manipulate me. When I feel the need to buy or to sell, I do it because my exchange supports me in my decision.

Customer Support Service

Although I am happy with every feature provided by Wynn-EX, I am more than happy when it comes to customer support service. Keep in mind that buying and selling seem convenient and straightforward, but it is not that easy. That is why you should test the responsiveness of the exchange before signing up with the platform. The first thing in this regard is to check whether there is any contact method provided on the platform or not. If it has not provided any contact details, it means that he has snatched your consumer rights.

Customers need to be treated with respect and handled professionally. You have to research this if you are thinking of signing up with any platform. However, I can give you surety that Wynn-EX is the ultimate winner in providing responsive customer support service. To provide you unrestricted customer support, the platform has hired many professionals who work in the form of a team to resolve your issues. They don’t just handle the complaints but also provide guidance whenever a trader reaches them through the provided medium of communication.

Unlike other platforms which only provide community help, Wynn-EX has created an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on the platform. The customer support team keeps the record of the most repeated questions and places their answers in this section so that the precious time of its customers is not wasted. If due to any reason, you don’t find your required answer in this section, then you can send an email to the email address of the platform, which is provided on the home page of the website, for your convenience. The best thing is that your email will fetch a reply within a few minutes on all the working days of the week.


My all-around experience with the Wynn-EX exchange has remained very reliable and pleasant. Here, I am given a free hand to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies without the need to exchange currency because the exchange allows many FIAT currencies. The sign-up process is simple and intuitive, and the payments are secure. In addition to this, the customer support service is also amazing, and the overall system being provided is great. For genuine and reliable trading of cryptocurrencies, I recommend this exchange. Now it is your decision to make because I have provided you all the details.

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