Winchargeback Review – Can this Company be Trusted?

Winchargeback Scam

The trading world is rampant with different types of scams. Millions of people enter this space because trading in the forex, crypto or binary options market can generate huge profits for people. But, the problem is that not every company can be taken at their word. You will come across numerous platforms that claim to be legitimate and you learn the hard way that they are nothing but a bunch of scams. Yes, authentic ones do exist, but you have to be very cautious in order to find them. But, what should you do if you make a mistake and end up getting scammed?

It can be devastating to find out that you have just lost your hard-earned money and you would obviously want to know if something can be done about it or not. For a long time, there really wasn’t much people could do, but things have changed. Given how the number of scams have surged, there was a need for a solution and this is where recovery companies have come in. These are firms that specialize in helping people recover the funds they have lost in different types of scams online. One such firm that you will find is Winchargeback.

While the fact that these companies exist is certainly reassuring, the problem is that scammers have infiltrated this space as well. A number of these recovery companies have also turned out to be scams and taken advantage of already distraught and vulnerable people to scam them further. So, which category does Winchargeback fall in? Is it a legitimate service or just another one of the scams out there? Sadly, it appears that it falls in the latter category when you dig down and take a close look at it. There are some clear warning signs that you will see when you study the firm closely.

First and foremost, Winchargeback claims to help people in recovering money from forex, binary options and crypto scams. When you visit their website, you will find some tall promises being made and big statements that come off as quite impressive. But, once you start peeling the layers, it turns out it is just big talk. How? Let’s take a look at the indicators:

  • No information about the team

To start with, when you want to use a company’s services, you would want to know its background. This includes the details about its founder, the people that make up its team and other similar information. It is logical to want to know who you will be trusting to recover the money on your behalf. Therefore, it comes as a big surprise when you check out the Winchargeback website and discover that they have provided no such information to their clients. This is worrisome because the company is providing its services to people who have already been scammed by shady companies, so they would want someone who is forthcoming and transparent.

Unfortunately, Winchargeback has used a pen name to refer to its founder and hasn’t provided any other details about their staff. Sure, they claim to have a team of experienced professionals when it comes to recovery, but there is no information about these people. They don’t give any names or credentials and expect you to take their word for it. This is certainly alarming because a legitimate company would never act like this.

  • No explanations about the process

Scam victims are already nervous because they have suffered losses already. When they choose a recovery service, they want a company that’s open with them and keeps them informed and updated rather than leaving them out in the cold. The same would be expected of Winchargeback, but you are going to be disappointed. There is a lot of talk about recovering money from scammers because they have made mistakes somewhere and all that, but how? There are no answers provided about the steps the company will take to recover the money on your behalf.

It is understandable that a company may not want to share in-depth details about their process as there is a lot of competition. However, they can still share the basics in order to reassure their clients that they will actively take steps for recovery. But, Winchargeback expects you to pay them for recovering your funds and not expect any answers or details in return. This doesn’t seem like a smart move at all.

  • No details about the cases

It is a given that when you are looking for a recovery service, you would want to find out that has dealt with similar cases before. At the Winchargeback website, you will notice that the company claims to have recovered a substantial amount of money on behalf of their clients and dealt with hundreds of cases. The numbers are expected to reassure potential clients that the company knows what it is doing and can also assist them in their respective case. The problem is that it is easy to just mention some numbers, but you cannot just accept them if there is no evidence to indicate that the company has handled these cases.

You can scour the Winchargeback website and there is absolutely no data shared on the kind of cases they were, or any details about the clients either. This means they are just a bunch of numbers and nothing more and there is no proof or information to indicate that they have handled this many cases or recovered this amount. Even if they are only protecting the privacy of their clients, they can still provide some insight into the kind of cases they were and how long it took to recover the funds. Yet, there is no such information available and this is definitely not the sign of an authentic company.

When you put all of these indicators together, it is not difficult to arrive to the conclusion that not all is right when it comes to Winchargeback and the company cannot be trusted to help you recover funds.

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