Wendy Rogers Makes An Attempt To Have Bitcoin Legalized In Arizona State

The state senator of Arizona, Wendy Rogers from the United States is trying to show how much value she gives to Bitcoin (BTC).

She is turning out to be a major proponent of Bitcoin because she wants the largest crypto to be accepted as a legal tender in the state of Arizona.

Wendy Rogers Launches a Bill

The Arizona State senator has reportedly launched multiple bills pertaining to the same thing, to legalize Bitcoin.

The bills have been launched demanding that Bitcoin be accepted as a legal tender in the respective state. Wendy looks pretty determined to make it happen because she has launched several bills to support her cause.

Tweet by Wendy Rogers

One of the recent tweets made by Wendy Rogers were boasting the performance of Bitcoin in recent years.

She talked about the resilience of the token and its ability to keep its head high even in the worst situations.

Rogers reportedly cited data from Goldman Sachs, a major investment firm, trying to show people how promising Bitcoin really is.

She provided Goldman data confirming that even one of the largest investment firms is admitting that Bitcoin is among the best-performing assets across the globe.

Adding to her tweet, she announced that she wants the token to be adopted as legal tender. For this purpose, she has already launched multiple cryptocurrency bills.

The purpose of the bills is to show the reviewers how promising the asset is if it is adopted as a legal tender in the country.

As Wendy Rogers is representing the state of Arizona, she limited her statement to the respective state. She has demanded that Bitcoin must be legalized in her respective state.

BTC is to be Treated Just like the USD

She stated that if the bill is accepted, it would be a game changer for the entire state of Arizona. The state will have two major currencies that will circulate across its jurisdiction.

Bitcoin will be accepted by the locals just like they are dealing with the US dollar. It will gain a similar status as the dollar but would be a better hedge fund and would remain the best performer.

She added that if the bill is accepted into law, then it would see dues, taxes, public charges, and debt payments being made in Arizona with Bitcoin.

People will have a choice to make payments either using the dollar or Bitcoin. Using Bitcoin may prove more beneficial and efficient as it would impose fewer charges and fees on the transactions.

Try, Try Again

Wendy Rogers is proving to be quite the warrior in fighting for Bitcoin.

She has been attempting to get Bitcoin accepted as a legal tender since 2022. It was in early 2022 when she presented the bill for Bitcoin’s acceptance as a legal tender, which was rejected.

As per Rogers, the central banks and traditional financial institutions are taking so much away from people offering them nothing at all.

She even spoke against the central banks and traditional financial institutions back in April 2022, at a crypto event. She has been supporting Bitcoin for a long time and she wants to continue with that.

More Bills from Rogers

Rogers is like the Nayeb Bukele of Arizona State, as she wants full freedom for cryptocurrencies to operate in the state.

She even presented a bill recently that demanded that cryptocurrencies must be accepted as property assets that are tax-exempted.

The bill is still under consideration and a decision may be announced somewhere toward the end of 2023.

Nayeb Bukele is the president of El Salvador, a small country with around 6 million people in Central America.

Its president, Bukele had Bitcoin legalized in the country back in September 2021. Since then, the country has been reporting an improvement in its economy.

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