United States Legislators Prepare Regulation Of Cryptocurrency For Investment Firms 

Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O’Leary, has stated that a committee of US senators is drafting a regulation that would allow institutional investors to invest in cryptocurrency markets. “The best part is that they are spending time on it and believe there is a huge opportunity once the policy is passed,” O’Leary noted.

Senators In The United States Are Drafting Cryptocurrency Legislation For Investment Firms.

The Shark Tank star announced Thursday in a Twitter thread that he held a bipartisan discussion with a committee of US senators to address cryptocurrency legislation.

He wrote on Twitter:

“I spent the day in the Senate with a bipartisan committee of lawmakers who understood the crypto humor. They are developing policies that will allow institutional investors to participate in the cryptocurrency marketplace.”

“The great news is that they are working tirelessly on it and believe there is a huge opportunity after they adopt the legislation. Watch this space; I left everyone feeling hopeful,” O’Leary remarked.

The Senator also expressed gratitude to Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis for facilitating the meeting. It was lovely to have hosted you, Kevin. What a crowd! (bipartisan and bicameral). Big things are on the way. I’m feeling optimistic,” Wyoming’s pro-bitcoin lawmaker responded on Twitter.

“Sen. Lummis is completely correct,” Mr. Wonderful said. Whoever heard of going to Capitol Hill and having a nonpartisan debate? “I felt I was having a dream.”

The recent surge in the crypto market has turned the eyes of various investors to the potential of digital currencies. Although the market can be quite unstable, several investment firms are hoping to invest in the market once regulations are put in place.

O’Leary stated in another tweet a week ago:

“All these blockchains — BTC, Ether, Polygon — are all technology. The rate of growth of these new ideas is astounding, and there is funding available from all parts of the world.”

Investors Are Ready To Invest In The Crypto Market

Several investment firms are on the sidelines waiting for the go-ahead to invest in BTC, and other digital currencies, noted O’Leary. 

Last month, he predicted that bitcoin’s price will “appreciate considerably” in the next 2 – 3 years “when financial institutions can finally purchase it.” According to the lawmaker, none of the organizations in the index industry possess a single coin, even with all the excitement about BTC. If they must have a coin, their regulatory departments permit ESG demands.

An institutional investor is a company that accumulates money to buy shares, real estate, and other financial assets or to provide loans. Central banks, Commercial banks, credit unions, pension funds, insurers, government-linked corporations, and hedge funds are notable institutional investors.

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