Two Austrian Men Remanded For Helping Marselek Escape From Interpol

Two Austrian men are in hot waters and have been arrested by law enforcement authorities after the tile that both of them played to escape a prominent wanted figure. According to authorities, the two men were pivotal. They played major parts in aiding the escape of Jan Marselek, the previous COO of Wirecard, who evaded authorities and left the country’s shores.

In the full details made available to newsmen in the region, the two men were involved in a scam of about $2.4 billion. The statement also mentioned that the two men involved in the fraud held high offices in Austria, making their plan to help Marselek relocate to the European country easily.

Another accomplice was arrested ok January 24

One of the men was a high ranking officer of the secret service in Austria, while the other was a previous politician. In the police statement, they mentioned that the two men involved in the escape of Marselek used a private jet to convey the ex-COO of Wirecard, and the whole idea was birthed during the summer of 2020. So as not to cause any tension and eliminate the need for paper transactions or digital trails, all the payments leasing to the rent of the private jet were facilitate using cash payments.

The report also claims that Marselek left hiding and took an already prepared taxi to a private airfield located in the country, after which he boarded a Cessna Mustang 510. Also, in the details revealed, they are evidence that places one of the conspirators in a meeting with Marselek, some few hours after he was axed from Wirecard on June 18. Another report also mentioned another person involved, but he has been captured on January 24. The new conspirator was said to have fed the various information to Wirecard during the escape.

Marselek has been missing since he was suspended

Wirecard was a famous institution across Germany, but the company succumbed to various internal troubles and filed for bankruptcy. The company mentioned that it had lost nothing less than 1.9 billion euros in the statements that followed the bankruptcy announcement. This news was met with various outcry and criticisms, and the company’s stock reacted to the news, dropping about 80% in the process. Before their insolvency claims, Wirecard was the sole party that issues crypto cards for various crypto outfits such as and TenX.

When the news broke out, the CEO of released a statement and allayed its users’ fears that they were not involved in the scandal. The CEO mentioned that the cards were no longer tied to Wirecard, and other services are carried out in another financial institution.

When the company discovered some discrepancies in its account, it immediately arrested Markus Braun, the previous CEO of the firm before the bankruptcy claim, suspended Marselek, who served as the COO of the firm during the period. After Marselek was suspended, the ex-COO claimed that he was going to Asia because he found trails of the missing cash.

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