Swedish Riksbank (Central Bank) Issues Warning About People Offering e-Krona

Riksbank Warning To Public

Swedish central bank found some individuals selling e-Krona, the country’s digital currency project that’s still under discussion.

The central bank of Sweden, Riksbank is reported to issue a public warning against the activities of some people who offer e-Krona.

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The financial regulator found several websites, social media accounts and companies that have been making false claims as their representative and offering e-Krona to the public.

Sweden Native Cryptocurrency Developement

As reported by Chepicap a couple of months ago, the Swedish government has been discussing about developing a native digital currency, e-Krona due to the significant decline in the use of physical cash in the country.

The development, however, is still on pending for the time being, or quoting the official announcement, “The project has not been concluded and no decision has been taken on issuing e-kronas.”

Thus, e-Krona is not yet available for sale or any other activities, at least until there’s further update from the regulator.

Swedish Parliament Member Says More Time Is Needed

“We need to pause and think about whether this is good or bad, and not just sit back and let it happen If cash disappears, that would be a big change, with major implications for society and the economy,” said Mats Dillen, a member of the Swedish Parliament regarding the complete migration to digital currency previously.


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