Republican Lawmakers Ask For A Ban On Chinese CBDC At Beijing Games

Three Republican senators have written a letter for the USOPC (the committee for Paralympics and Olympics based in the United States) to inform them that China is utilizing the digital yuan for spying on the USA team. The senators, named Roger Wicker, Cynthia Lummis, and Marsha Blackburn, expressed their concerns regarding the espionage as well as the security of the data.

Letters expressing deep concerns about the USA team

The senators of GOP cautioned that CCP (Chinese Communist Party) could not only utilize the CBDC observation rather but they are also already doing this. The letter notes a request for conducting a briefing along with the senate committee regarding the Transportation, Science, and Commerce in the time of a month.

This is not for the first time that a senator of the Republican Party has written a letter to express concerns about the security of the athletes from America. A senator named Tom Cotton has also sent a similar letter to Biden (the American president) stating his concern that the Chinese authorities would attempt and gather the DNA of the USA team in the meantime of the winter games to be held in Beijing.

Digital yuan in a panic

The letter was directed to Susanne Lyons, the Board Chair of USOPC, requesting that the American athletes should be forbidden from getting or utilizing Chinese CBDC throughout the time of their participation in the event. The senators jointly expressed their fear that the digital yuan of China is prone to be tracked as well as traced because it is in the direct control of the authorities of the country.

The letter added that the Olympic athletes coming to China should be in the knowledge that the citizens of the country as well as the others visiting it to collect the wallets of digital yuan might also be observed. It further continued to mention that a new feature has been added in the latest testing of the coin by the government, which lets the authorities know even the smallest details of the transactions done through it. Therefore, the currency has flaws in providing customer privacy, being a lesser kind of digital currency.

The letter ended by revealing that the most important issue is the security of the American athletes, and the United States Treasury Department should take the necessary measures regarding the matter.

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