Presearch Introduces Decentralized Search Engine

Blockchain technology is taking the world to greater heights, as can be seen in applying the technology in the various aspects of everyday life. From being used in the health sector to the financial sector, a blockchain entity that is just starting has announced a search engine that has a decentralized feature.

According to Presearch, the entity in charge of the search engine, the main aim of creating the platform was to rival google and enable people to browse anonymously. Taking the initiative off the privacy-focused browsing application, Brave, the decentralized platform, has announced rewards for users.

Presearch was developed after’s issue with Google

In its statement, Presearch announced that users who use the decentralized search engine for their daily online activities would be eligible to earn in PRE, its native digital asset. Looking at the way the application runs, it makes use of several nodes to make people who use the platform invisible when they are making use of it.

The platform is also built on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform would also destroy the power that Google holds over results ranking as the platform has the feature. In its statement, Presearch mentioned that it decided to build the decentralized search engine due to various complaints on the part of users who have mentioned that their details are being collected and stored by several websites.

The recent story of the decentralized search engine started as far back as 2011 when google had an issue with Colin Pape, the owner of the firm, claimed that Google algorithm buried his website. Moving to file a charge against Google, Colin Pape claimed that the search engine made the algorithm that way because it wanted users to see products related to them instead of those not related to them.

Research has recorded about 1.3 million sign-ups

After the failure of the charge, Pape said he made up his mind to build a decentralized search engine that would work without discrimination, hence the creation of Presearch. “When we created Presearch, we were at a loss on how to present it to users, but we took advantage of Ethereum’s emergence in 2017 and built a token called PRE. We will reward users with the tokens if they make use of the search engine. We intend to make it an advert based rewards so the users would have value for the work that they do,” Colin Pape said.


Also, he mentioned that they are looking to roll out the feature in the next fourteen days as they are still under the third party and would soon attain a decentralized status. Research would also be in charge of running the first node, and the subsequent ones would be run by the independent nodes like previously mentioned.


Also, Presearch has mentioned that users do not need to worry about stuff like browsers and websites saving their details as they would be masked. Presently, Presearch has recorded about 1.3 million sign-ups with about 300,000 users already active on the platform.

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