Popular Nigerian Crypto Trading Platform Obtains License To Operate In Europe

Nigerian Roqqu Long Awaited In Rendering Crypto Trading Services in Europe

One of the leading Nigerian crypto trading platforms namely Roqqu had long been awaiting its expansion, particularly in Europe.

Roqqu believed that the European region, comprising over 28 members, was lagging behind the rest of the world in the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The Nigerian firm also acknowledged that though Europeans were interested in cryptocurrencies, they lacked the necessary resources like crypto trading platforms.

It was hence for this reason Roqqu wanted to expand its crypto trading services in the entire region.

In this connection, Roqqu had applied for obtaining a license through which it can offer its crypto trading services throughout the European region.

It is a huge win for Roqqu, a cryptocurrency trading platform that is not from Europe or the West, to be able to operate in a particular region.

Not many platforms are able to make it to the particular regions if they are not from there in the first place.

It is a huge opportunity for Roqqu and a major achievement it has unlocked by extending its operations in the European territory.

License to Operate In 28 States of Europe Granted

It has been officially announced by Roqqu that it has been granted a license to offer crypto trading services in European Union. Under the license, Roqqu has been authorized to offer services in 28 member states of the European Union.

The firm’s services of cryptocurrency trading are now open to every resident of the European Union.

Roqqu offers a variety of digital assets and products for trading, exchanging, buying, and selling. For instance, apart from allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies, Roqqu also offers them buying and selling of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Roqqu is now the first crypto trading platform, particularly from the African region, to expand its crypto trading services in Europe.

In its statement, Roqqu also pointed out the reasons why insisted popular Nigerian crypto platform expanded its arms in Europe.

Motivation behind Expansion

The statement of Roqqu suggested that the firm felt the need to expand in Europe because the region was far behind the world.

The firm also noted that though Europeans do tend to adopt cryptocurrencies, they lacked the appropriate platforms.

Roqqu also pointed out that the majority of crypto trading platforms in Europe are not conveniently accessible or user-friendly. Consequently, novice or beginner traders from Europe find it hard to delve into crypto trading.

Benjamin Eseoghene, Roqqu’s CEO, told a crypto news outlet that the firm’s decision to offer services in Europe was based on users’ demands.

He stated that Roqqu was asked by thousands of users to offer services in Europe because their family and friends were interested.

Brand ambassador for Roqqu, Israel Ololade, also passed on remarks on Roqqu’s achievement. He said that the granting of a license to Roqque by the EU is a step towards encouraging crypto adoption worldwide.

He also said that with this achievement, Roqqu will soon become the top crypto trading and blockchain firm in the world.

Further Benefits to Nigerians

Nigeria is one of those countries where crypto is used quite often. However, the country is a top contender in using blockchain technology for multifarious purposes.

The majority use of blockchain in Nigeria is with regard to remitting funds in and outside the country.

Since a large number of Nigerians are living abroad, hence, they use blockchain-based mediums for sending money to their families.

This is mainly because bank transfers and electronic transfers or transfers through money exchangers, usually cost hefty amounts. For avoiding these hefty costs, Nigerians living abroad widely rely either on crypto or blockchain.

Furthermore, transactions sent through crypto and blockchain are extremely fast because they do not involve intermediaries and unnecessary approvals.

Roqqu has therefore provided yet another medium to Europe-based Nigerians for sending funds to their loved ones back in Nigeria.

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