Payback Ltd Review – Can Payback Ltd Help You Recover Your Stolen Money?

Payback Ltd Review

Payback logoRecently, online scams have become a norm, with individuals losing money to crypto scams, romance scams, fake trading platforms, and other Ponzi scams. Payback Ltd is among the major fund recovery platforms that have risen to help fraud victims regain their money. This review will highlight all you need to know about the company and why you should try them.

Why You Should Use Payback Ltd

With its extensive expertise and years of experience, Payback Ltd has a good track record of recovering the funds of fraud victims. Over the past four years, the company has helped recover more than $200 million in losses resulting from crypto scams, romance scams and fake trading platforms.

Furthermore, the firm’s services are available to anyone, regardless of location, as long as they can provide the necessary evidence. On its website, Payback Ltd claims to have made successful recoveries for the following platforms – Bitconnect, OKEX, Coinbase, Africrypt,,, wise trader, etc.

Payback Ltd website


Payback Ltd Services

Payback Ltd combats a wide range of online scams, with particular emphasis on fraudulent merchants and unregulated brokers. The company also boasts a quick turnaround time, with most claims resolved within one to six months. Payback Ltd can provide support with the following:

  • Binary/Forex Scams
  • Stock trading
  • Property scams
  • Cryptocurrency Scams
  • Romance Scams
  • Credit card phishing

Payback Ltd services

Payback Ltd’s Recovery Process 

Payback Ltd employs a rapid three-step process to reclaim clients’ money. Meanwhile, not every case is the same. Hence, the company is prepared to pursue measures that fraud investigation units may not have the capacity or means to undertake. Below are the steps

  • Assessing The Case

Interestingly, Payback Ltd offers a free case consultation to new clients. If you authorize the team to go ahead with the case, they will thoroughly examine your case. Based on your provided details, they will determine if your case is worth pursuing and choose the most effective and efficient approach.

  • Compiling Evidence 

Although bank statements and transaction receipts are crucial, Payback Ltd will require additional evidence to recover stolen funds. Any communication you have had with the fraudster will also be crucial in establishing proof. At this stage, Payback will work closely with its lawyers to strengthen the case.

  • Confronting The Fraudster

After gathering all the necessary evidence, Payback Ltd will reach out to the scammer directly, informing them of the potential consequences if they do not return your funds. However, this approach may not always be successful, and scammers may hang up and refuse to engage in future communication. Nevertheless, it can serve as a warning to the fraudster that they are being pursued.

At this stage, Payback Ltd will also reach out to your bank to pressure the fraud investigation team to take action. It is worth noting that not all recovery firms will go to this length. Hence, it is commendable that Payback Ltd is willing to do so.

This further enhances your likelihood of recovering your funds. Payback Ltd says an average case takes about three months to be solved.

Payback Ltd process

Professional Customer Support 

A standout feature of Payback Ltd is its quick customer support, providing convenience and accessibility to clients. Whether you have an urgent inquiry and prefer to call or require a response at a later time and prefer to communicate via email, the support team is readily available to assist you.


Regarding pricing, Payback Ltd offers a free initial consultation with no obligation to continue the case if you are not okay with the company. Despite this, the company still provides one of the industry’s most competitive pricing structures. Clients must pay a 10% upfront fee; the company only deducts a 10% commission fee after recovering the funds.


Payback Ltd has established itself as a reliable option for recovering funds lost to various scams, with over five years of experience in the industry. The company’s success in the money recovery industry is due to its relatively cheap fees, skilled and knowledgeable team, and solid commitment to assisting victims of fraud. Few – if any – competitors in the industry can match the level of service provided by the company, which includes prompt customer support, free consultation, and a sound track record of recovering several lost funds.

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