Pakistan Crypto Community Want Zia Ullah Bangash To Be Reinstated

Apart from China, where the crypto community has continued to boom, many Asian nations have continued to express pessimism around cryptocurrency space in their respective nations. China also continues to host the majority of Bitcoin miners globally, as the miners have continued to exploit the cheap energy offering of the country.

However, Pakistan is also another Asian country where the crypto community has also thrived, as the nation’s pro-crypto leader- Zia Ullah Bangash, has continued to push for the nation to become one of Asia’s top Blockchain hubs. Unfortunately, the technology expert and Blockchain advocate has now resigned from his position as the nation’s prime minister adviser on technology affairs.

Citizens have taken to Twitter to express their displeasure

That decision by Bangash has now led to a severe backlash from the nation’s crypto community, who have now called on its prime minister- Imran Khan, to reinstate him. Before his resignation, Bangash is a well-known Pro-crypto advocate and served the government as the information technology minister of its Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Unfortunately, the Pro-crypto advocate has now resigned from his position, citing unavoidable circumstances. The crypto community in the country has now taken the law into their hands by asking Khan to reinstate Bangash, as there are rumors that the crypto community in the country will be threatened.

The citizens have taken to social media-Twitter, to express their disgust at the new update, and they have now trended the #WeWantZiaBangashBack hashtag on Twitter. Many citizens believe the crypto community in the country has thrived on the back of the favorable policies that Bangash has enacted. Alternatively, many citizens have threatened the prime minister not to vote for him in the next elections if he does not reinstate Bangash.

Citizens believe Bangash was coerced to resign

Many of the citizens have also started to spread various rumors concerning the resignation of the crypto advocate, as they believe that Bangash was coerced to resign. According to a crypto analyst- Zaka, he believes that some mafias in the country are always trying to be selfish with their ambitions towards the country, and he feels they may have gotten to Bangash.

Zaka believes that the personality of Bangash, and with the amount of impact he has had on the Blockchain community, it will be practically impossible for the former adviser to resign on his own. While he was the technology adviser of the Pakistan government, Bangash was always known to propose crypto regulations and policies that believe in fostering the growth and adoption of Blockchain technology in the country.

During his tenure, he told CNN that the country was deliberating on the idea of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), as they wouldn’t want to be left behind in the digital world. However, while the country’s crypto community has called on Khan to reinstate the former adviser, there is no confirmation on whether Bangash will be back in his position or not.

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