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Is LottoGo Regulated? LottoGo Licensing and Regulation

LottoGo is %100 licensed and regulated. Their operator “Annexio Group of Companies” which also operates is headquartered in Fort Anne, South Quay, Douglas, Isle of Man, British Isles, IM1 5BU and it is also licensed and regulated by the Jersey Gambling Commission under license number RG0-005-18 and the UK Gambling Commission. Annexio (Jersey) Limited Charter Place, 23-27 Seaton Place, St Helier, JE1 1JY, Jersey. Annexio Limited is licensed and regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission under a licence issued under the Online Gambling Regulation Act 2001 on 14th October 2016 and the Irish National Excise Licence Office (Reference number 1012499).

LottoGo Review

If you consider yourself a lucky one, you might as well try to be a part of an online lottery game. However, one of the biggest challenges for you would be to find one in your country. Perhaps, you are living in a country where you don’t have access to the biggest lotteries like the Powerball. Rather than getting sad and watching your dreams shatter into pieces, you can sign up with LottoGo to win those lotteries. Let’s do a detailed review of LottoGo and find out why you should consider them for your life changing stroke of luck.

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Familiarizing with LottoGo

First, you have to understand what LottoGo is all about. In simple words, it is a company that allows you to place bets on the biggest lotteries of the world. No, you are not participating in the lottery the conventional way i.e. buying a paper ticket and waiting for the draw. With LottoGo, you place a bet on the outcome of the lottery. As a result, if your chosen numbers match the drawn numbers of the lottery, you get to win the same prize money as that of the lottery. The prize money will mirror the lottery jackpot exactly.

The Best Features of LottoGo

There are quite a few things to love about LottoGo. Here are some of the best features:

Lots of Lotteries to Choose From

When someone is giving you an opportunity to take part in world-known lotteries, you don’t want your options to be limited. LottoGo is an excellent aggregate of some of the highest paying lotteries of the world. While the list of lotteries you can bet on is huge, the most popular ones include PowerBall, Euro Millions, Mega Millions, Super Enalotto, and UK Lotto.

Availability of Syndicate Betting

When your winning rests on the shoulder of your luck, the best way to win is to take more chances. However, syndicate betting gives you more chances without increasing your risks. You can take hundreds of chances by participating in the bet as a syndicate. The good thing is that LottoGo has made all the major jackpots of the world available for syndicate betting as well. Without spending a lot of money, you can take part in any jackpots with hundreds of chances.

Wide Range of Scratch Cards

Not everyone has the patience to wait for a lottery draw to win money. If you are someone who likes instant results, scratch cards are going to be your favorite. The best thing is that there are nearly 40 instant-win scratch cards available for you on LottoGo. How can one scratch card be different from another one? LottoGo gives you the odds information with every scratch card to know which one is likely to be the easiest for you to win.

Lots of Instant-win Games

If you want to make winning even more exciting, you can go for the instant-win games. Again, you have access to some of the most renowned table, slot, and keno games to strike an instant win. You can always choose the game that interests you the most because the list is huge.

Availability on Mobile

You can’t expect any betting or gambling platform without a mobile application today. LottoGo understands the needs of its customers and has an intuitive mobile application available for downloading on iOS as well as Android phones.

Safe Betting with LottoGo

One of the biggest concerns for anyone interested in betting is safety and security. You don’t want to end up giving your money to some online scam. LottoGo is a safe place for betting. Annexio Group of Companies, under which LottoGo operates, is a licensed entity under UK Gambling Commission and Jersey Gambling Commission as Annexio (Jersey) Limited.

Deposits and Withdrawals with LottoGo

You have lots of options to deposit money in your account. You can use options like bank drafts, money orders, digital wallets, debit cards, credit cards, etc. to deposit funds in your LottoGo account. The maximum amount you can deposit in your account is 2,500 pounds. You do have the flexibility to deposit more but you need to contact their customer support to avail that option.

When it comes to withdrawals, the winnings go back into the bank account or whatever channel you have used for depositing the money into the account. So, if you used your debit card to deposit the funds, the winnings will go into that card.

LottoGo Customer Support

If there is one area that LottoGo can work on to make it better, it is their customer support. They have an email address where you can send your general and specific inquiries. There is also an online web-form that you can fill with your name, email address, and inquiry. They are closed on bank holidays, Saturdays and Sundays. In this day and age, you expect betting websites to have at least an online chat feature to provide instant answers to customers’ queries. So, that’s one area where LottoGo can improve with time.

LottoGo Reviews from Customers

Of course, one of the most important things to do before you pick a betting platform is to see how its customers review it. The overall feedback from LottoGo customers is a good one. The best thing is that you can discover the customer reviews on the LottoGo website. Most of the customers give it a 5-star rating. Most of the customers love the fact that they have lots of games and jackpot options to choose from. Another feature that a lot of customers admire is emails from the company that keep them up-to-date with results.


LottoGo provides its customers a very refined and user-friendly experience through its website and mobile application. They can do even better with some extra bonuses and promotional offers. However, their simplicity is their plus point. The best thing is that they have enough options to keep people from around the world entertained. Whether you want to make millions from a famous jackpot, try your luck with scratch cards, or make money playing slot games, your options are not limited on LottoGo.

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  1. Kenny Reply

    With a great deal of difficulty. I have read many reviews of people who have tried. I am looking into them because they have been taking money from my account with two sets of bank card details. I have reported them to my bank and closing my bank account. They Do have an isle of White number, 01624 660177. I’ve been contacted on 020 7100 0200 to offer a joke sum compared to the money I’ve had taken. They are regulated by commissions off shore. It might be worth someone setting up a campaign group for people to get there money back

  2. Mkb Reply

    We have had over £1000 taken from our account by these crooks

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