John McAfee Feels Allegations Against Him Are Exaggerated

John McAfee, the founder of McAfee Associates, is a well-known computer programmer who developed many computer software solutions in his prime years. One of the most notable projects that came under the coffers of the 75year old Billionaire is the popular antivirus software solution McAfee, which reported amassed both John and his company billions of dollars in the 1990s.

However, the American programmer’s involvement in fraud, illicit businesses, and money laundering has resulted in a downward turn of fortunes for the Billionaire. John is currently in Prison in Spain, as he awaits extradition to his home country, the U.S, to face tax evasion, fraud, and money laundering trials.

McAfee believes he’s being labeled a villain

Many are surprised at how the life of the American programmer, who resigned from McAfee Associates in 1994 on a high, has taken an unfortunate turn. U.S financial regulators and authorities currently await the Billionaire’s arrival into the country to face trials for all the charges labeled against him. In a statement by the FBI, one of the changes John is facing in the U.S is concerning him and his team’s involvement in a crypto pump-and-dump scheme.

Earlier in December 2017, John and his associates were involved in the scheme that cost investors about $13 million in losses and is now set to answer questions regarding it in the U.S. John has now come out to address the charges on his Twitter social media handle, the same one he used to perpetrate the act he’s facing trials for. The programmer explained that he and his team had everything in his hand to ensure that the Docademic crypto project was a success. John believes that the altcoin market’s ultimate unforeseen crash that year had derailed their plans, hence why Docademic was unsuccessful.

John set to face trials over money laundering and fraud

John further explained to his followers that his belief in the project made him commit his funds into it, as the project crashed. The fall of the medical-themed coin, also called MTC, has led the public to believe that John and his team had purposely led many to the project to dupe them. The U.S Department of Justice is currently trying John and his team, according to their statement, due to the inciting comments and misleading testimonies that have now led many to the project and incurred losses for many.

John, believed to have squandered most of his fortunes on drugs, parties, and nightlife, is now facing fraud allegations and money laundering charges in the U.S. After his extradition from Spain, the Billionaire is also expected to face trials for his and his team’s involvement in fraud and money laundering activities in the U.S and Europe. The details of most of the other charges against John and his team are yet unknown to many in public, as the FBI is still investigating the discrepancies.

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