Interpol Introduces Police Office in Metaverse to Fight Crypto Crimes

The global police organization Interpol has decided to build Metaverse headquarters. Meanwhile, Interpol’s 90th Assemble happened in New Delhi on Thursday, unveiling unmatched implements to experience Interpol’s services on Metaverse.

Interpol’s Metaverse Ready for Action

Unlike usual developments within web3 projects, Interpol revealed the news of an operational Metaverse, surprising the markets. It didn’t launch Metaverse’s beta version and never promoted the one it was developing.

Therefore, individuals at the New Delhi General Assembly tested the official Metaverse police first. Users accessed Interpol’s headquarters web3 version in Lyon, France. Interpol’s Secretary General Jurgen Stock confirmed that Interpol’s objectives stayed unaltered, regardless of the move to enter a new world.

The organization remains dedicated to supporting its member nations to combat crime and make the globe safer for everyone.

Interpol Metaverse is After Terra Founder, Do Kwon

One reason that pushed Interpol into the Metaverse is the capability to offer officers training courses and forensic investigation. Meanwhile, the time appears perfect, as Interpol executed a red alert to arrest Do Kwon, the founder of the troubled TerraForm Labs.

Moreover, the Metaverse upgrade comes one day after a vigilante group, UST Restitution Group, comprising 4,400 highly disappointed Terra (UST) and Terra (LUNA) investors, declared a global chase for Do Kwon.

Do Know joined the Interpol radar after its project catalyzed the massive 2022 crypto crash. Though the troubled entrepreneur has successfully avoided the law, many Twitter crypto fans trust Interpol’s jump into the Metaverse correlates with the underway global chase of the Terra founder.

Why Care?

Indeed, 2022 has been an active year as far as cryptocurrency scams and hacks are concerned. Interpol’s Metaverse move remains a critical attempt to curb the skyrocketed cybercrime cases. Governments across the globe have joined hands to fight crypto scammers, introducing stiffer cryptocurrency regulations.

The Metaverse boasts multiple benefits for the law, especially in networking, remote work, delivering training, and gathering and preserving crypto scene evidence. Interpol’s exec Director of Innovation and Technology, Mr. Oberoi, stated that the Metaverse could transform our day-to-day lives with massive law enforcement implications.

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