Indiana Gaming Commission Sanctions Rot Radcliffe And John Keeler

In what appears to be a sanction against one of the founding members of the Indiana Gaming Commission, Rot Radcliffe has seen his license of operation in the state seized. With Radcliffe’s license seized, the former boss of Spectacle, John Keeler, has also been mandated by the regulatory body to sell up his ownership in the company on or before January 15 or risk the penalties.

This recent ruling is coming off the back of previous investigations that have found both parties guilty of easing illegal campaign funds. In September, Keeler was indicted for the same offense to see the former executive sell up his part ownership in the company.

Spectacle part ways with Radcliffe

Keeler was not involved in the latest meeting and was not on hand to grant several questions from the media. He already saw his license seized by the Indiana Gaming Commission when his indictment was announced. Even though he took a leave of office when the indictment happened, the company released an announcement later to confirm that they had parted ways with the executive.

Despite both men already being sanctioned, the Regulatory Commission has said that they are still looking into the situation surrounding the owners of the Majestic Star Casino based in Gary. Notably, the regulatory Commission started looking into their offenses around January this year.

With the investigation still ongoing, it will put paid to the partners’ ambitions, especially involving their $300 million Casino that they were planning to build with Hard Rock in Indiana in the early part of next year. In the verdict, Sara Gonso Tait, the Executive Director of the IGC, mentioned it in the body’s latest 100-minute meeting.

IGC says the case is linked to a 2015 case

The regulatory body noted that while they were busy carrying out their investigations into the matter at hand, a member of their staff pointed out that the case had something to do with the one they opened in September. The Executive Director said she thought it was impossible until the staff established clear-cut evidence that they were trying to protect the Majestic Star Casino.

The IGC mentioned that they also discovered a discrepancy regarding Radcliffe. He has always defaulted in updating trivial documents and his failure to communicate to the authorities whenever he sent someone some of his shares in Spectacle. Radcliffe resigned as the Chairman and CEO of Spectacle in June after establishing the company two years ago.

Before setting up Spectacle, he owned Hoosier Park and Indiana Grand, the two companies he sold to Caesers to set up Spectacle. He previously worked for Centaur, the company that is currently being investigated by federal security operatives. The operatives claimed that several members of the company met up with a candidate from the congress in 2015.

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