Hong Kong Eventually Makes a Move Toward Broader Crypto Legalization

The Hong Kong government has made an official move. It targets digital asset legalization for retail market participants under a regulated environment.

The Hong Kong government declared strategies to legalize retail cryptocurrency trading on 31 October. Nevertheless, the previous week has seen crucial developments, with the country targeting to be a hub of cryptocurrency undertakings in Asia.

The authorities revealed that they had begun consultations, and the retail sector will have an attractive degree of access. Moreover, the city invited global cryptocurrency companies to explore regional opportunities.

Surprisingly, the officials confirmed considering the plan of listing crypto ETFs (exchange-traded funds) under a sustainable & responsible development of the area’s cryptocurrency sector. Furthermore, they are open to assigning property privileges to tokenized cryptos while authorizing ‘smart’ contracts.

The Hong Kong Financial Authority will release the stablecoins regulatory regime’s consultation guidance. Paul Chan, the financial secretary, stated that the policy statement highlights their approach and vision, investor exposure, regulatory frameworks, and pilot projects to adopt technological advantages and fiscal innovations brought through VA.

He added that their policy on VA is clear to the global markets and shows their determination and commitment to exploring fiscal innovations with the worldwide VA community.

Hong Kong – Addressing Crypto Risks

Also, Hong Kong stated that it would assess risks associated with cryptocurrencies to retail investors. Moreover, they will improve education and introduce massive regulatory measures. The government revealed plans to explore multiple pilot projects to measure the technological viability of utilizing digital assets.

That includes NFT issuance, e-HKD, and Green bond tokenization. Meanwhile, Hong Kong has invited cryptocurrency market players to ensure balanced and comprehensive regulations. Together, they plan to make the nation a global financial hub to realize cryptocurrency innovation.

Hong Kong authorities are revising new crypto regulation rules to broaden crypto service providers and exchange licensing. For now, only expert investors that satisfy a min net worth can use crypto exchanges Hashnet and BC Group operate – the only operators with licenses under local policies.

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