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Is Global Trading26 Regulated? Global Trading26 Licensing and Regulation

Global Trading26 Review

Global Trading26 logoIn today’s review, we aim to shed light on a broker who has shown marvelous performance in the recent past. There is a lot of information that will be shared with you in this Global Trading26 review. We will discuss how Global Trading26 tackles problems faced by traders and what the features are which distinguish it from other brokers.

When a trader finalizes his plan to step into the online trading world, he finds plenty of options in the market but mostly alike. Of course, every trader wants to select the best of the best broker for himself, but if he only relies on their claims, then he can make a mistake because their claims are only a bunch of lies. For this purpose, the recommended method is to read reviews of those people who are unbiased as well as experienced in the relevant field. I will tell you every detail about Global Trading26 in this review so that you become able to make a decision on your own.

If you have decided to go for online trading, then, believe me, Global Trading is apt to fulfill your requirements as a broker. Now I am going to tell you how and why it is a good choice for you. Many brokers in this market offer almost the same features and services as Global Trading26, but the difference lies in the delivery method. Global Trading26 has hired a team of highly trained, seasoned, and professional traders who work day and night to provide services in a professional and reliable manner. This team knows the psyche of traders and takes every possible step to satisfy them. It is one of those few brokerage platforms which allow trading multiple instruments.

Like other businesses, trading is also a business that can earn you profit, but sometimes you may end up losing a portion of your investment. If you are trying to find a broker who can earn you profit every time, then you are on the wrong track. By selecting a good broker, you can reduce the chances of a loss, but you can never minimize it to a zero percent chance of loss. Global Trading26 is also one of those brokers who have dragged the chances of loss to a minimum, and if you don’t take unnecessary risks, then you will never face a loss. You can register yourself on Global Trading26 without any kind of hesitation whether you want to take it as a full-time job or a part-time job. This broker will be there to aid and assist you every time.

Before we formally start this review, I want to tell you why you should act wise and be careful while making the choice of a broker. When any person decides to begin his career in the trading field, he requires the services of a trading platform because trading is not possible without the help of a broker. Online brokers provide trading platforms, security, customer care service, and aiding tools to make trading easy for their customers. These brokers have been providing services in this market for years now. That is why they know what the problems are and how to tackle them. If you feel surprised to see beginners earning money, then you should know that the secret behind their success is a professional broker.

Global Trading26 website

Choosing an online broker is the very first and the most important step as a trader, which confuses most of the traders with a question of how to find a loyal broker. This happens because when we start our search, we find a long list of brokers who look the same, but in reality, they are not the same. So the question is how to pick the right broker who does not disappoint us in the future? The first thing you need to do is to find out if the broker is trustable or not. To figure out the answer to this question, you need to stay with me for a while because I am going to answer your questions in detail.

A Trustable Broker

Online trading is easy as compared to physical trading but finding a trustable online broker is not easy at all. In physical trading, you know the broker personally, and you can communicate with him face to face, which generates friendship between the two, but this is not possible in online trading. The thing which is required to find a pure broker is to do research before finalizing your decision. Global Trading26 is a legitimate broker, and these are not my words only. You will find this sentence in every review and testimonial you will find on the internet. It is a platform which is providing different features, and all of these features are fascinating. This is the reason its customers are happy with its services.

An Extended Variety Of Trading Instruments

The interests of every trader are different from one another. Their interests compel them to trade more than one instrument at a time. On one side, they might be investing their money in the stock exchange, while on the other side, they may be trying their luck to check the depth of cryptocurrencies’ potential. Global Trading26 facilitates its customers to trade any instrument they want. You should know that there are not many brokers who provide this facility. In fact, most brokerage firms allow only one or a maximum of two instruments to trade which means that they will reduce your ability to earn profit.

The importance of having multiple trading instruments is of great worth. Assume that a trader has invested all his capital in a single instrument, and due to some reason, the market goes down. In this situation, he will have to bear a loss which can be up to 50 percent of his total capital. This type of loss is difficult to recover because of its magnitude. But if that particular trader had distributed his capital in different instruments, then he would not have to face this type of loss. When you have invested your money in two or three assets, then loss in one asset doesn’t hurt because you will get profit in the other two assets, and your loss will be recovered on the same day. This is the reason most experienced traders invest their money in Global Trading26 because it facilitates to invest in many assets under one roof. In this way, you would not have to register yourself with other brokers to invest in your favorite assets.

Now let’s find out which trading instruments are being offered on the Global Trading26 platform. The very first instrument being offered by this broker is the global stock market. This is the most basic form of online trading. The income of hundreds of people is linked with the stock market, and with the induction of the latest technologies, it has become more convenient to invest in this asset. Now, with the help of online platforms, you can buy and sell stocks of different companies by sitting in your home instead of visiting the stock market. By using Global Trading26, you can buy shares of many big companies, and you might hit the jackpot.

Forex trading is also facilitated on this platform. If you don’t know about this instrument, then let me tell you that earning profit by purchasing FIAT currencies and then keeping them until the price has increased, this type of trading is called foreign exchange. The plus point is that traders don’t have to hold these currencies for a long time because their prices constantly fluctuate, providing many chances of earning profit to the traders. There are approximately 180 currencies in the world right now, and with the help of Global Trading26, you can do business with many of them.

The next important trading instrument about which I am going to tell you is a modern asset known as cryptocurrencies. The first cryptocurrency, which is known as Bitcoin, was launched in the ninth year of this century. In the beginning, it was not able to create hype in the market, but nowadays, it is the most wanted currency in the trading world. Now many other cryptocurrencies have been introduced in the market, which is also lucrative. Some of the famous digital currencies which you can trade on Global Trading26 are Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Lite, and Tether.

In addition to these trading instruments, some other assets are also available on Global Trading26, like commodities and indices. There is no limitation on selecting these two as well, and every trader of this firm is given a free hand to select according to his own choice. If you want to trade any of these assets, then Global Trading26 is the best choice for you.

Global Trading26 trading instruments

Helping Hands

Customer support service is the spunk of every platform because no firm has the ability to give its hundred percent without customer support. Let’s stop for a while and take an example if you are trading with an online broker and an error erupts. In this situation, you will not be able to help yourself on your own, and you would definitely need customer support service but suppose your broker doesn’t have a customer support section, then what would you do? It means that you are left there to dry by your broker. Till now, this has happened with hundreds of traders who neglected customer service, thinking that they can handle errors and issues on their own, but the reality is opposite and bitter. In some other cases, brokers provide customer support service, but due to its less responsiveness, it loses its effectiveness because it is rightly said that justice delayed is justice denied.

Global Trading26 is not like those brokers because it has left no stone unturned to satisfy its customers. Even though it has successfully created a bugs-free trading platform, but it has still created a team of dedicated traders who remain at customers’ service 24/7. You can contact Global Trading26’s customer support team by using three different methods. Firstly, you can contact them by filling the contact form available on the website. It is a simple form that can be filled in within a couple of minutes, and your query will be answered shortly. Secondly, you can directly email your problem to the official email address of the platform. Thirdly you can contact the broker by giving it a call on the numbers given on the platform. It is the most convenient and time-saving option.

Uncompromised Security Feature

If you are a frequent internet user, then you would already know that the internet is not a completely safe place. Fulfilling its main object, which is to connect the world, it has risked the security of its users. Global Trading26 is a reliable and professional broker that has never compromised on the security of its traders at any cost. It has adopted two policies to ensure the surety of its traders. The first policy is KYC (Know Your Customer), while the other is AML (Anti Money Laundering).

KYC policy is a tactic used to prove the identity and residence of its customers. According to this policy, the users are required to submit colored pictures of the national identity card and a utility bill as proof. This is done to make sure that no person with an ambiguous character enters the platform of Global Trading26.

The second policy, as mentioned above, is Anti Money Laundering. Many traders have used online trading platforms to launder their black money. That is why good brokers implement this policy strictly to avoid such illegal activities. This policy is collectively designed by many experts to reduce the risk of illegal activities. This policy also helps to eliminate the risk of terrorist financing.

When a trader registers himself on this platform, he is asked to provide some personal information by the platform. This information contains name, address, bank account information, and email id. This information is sensitive; that is why it must be secured completely. To ensure safety, Global Trading26 uses an advanced encryption technology which is 256-bit Secure Socket Layer software. If you are worried about the security of your information, then Global Trading26 is the best option for you as it provides complete satisfaction.

Global Trading26’s Account Options

Different traders possess a different levels of experience. Beginners are usually in the learning stages of their career, while experienced traders sometimes intentionally test their luck. To facilitate every customer in a satisfying manner, Global Trading26 has designed five different account types. These accounts are named on the names of precious metals such as Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond accounts. The fifth account type, which is designed for elite class traders, is named a VIP account.

Silver Account

A silver account is an account that only provides basic facilities. The purpose behind this account type was to keep the minimum deposit limit to the lowest value so that every person could fulfill his dream of trading. Fresh traders don’t usually possess heavy investments. That is why the minimum deposit limit of a silver account is kept at 10k Euros only. Its features include 1:20 leverage on all trades and trading signals which help the clients to make the right decisions.

  • Gold Account

This account type is an advanced form of a Silver account. You should go for this account if you have something between 20k Euros to 100k thousand Euros in your account. This account is created for beginners who have slightly improved their basic knowledge and trading skills. Its features include 1:40 leverage on trades and a complete money management plan. The withdrawals are approved in five days only as compared to seven days in the Silver account.

  • Platinum Account

The third account type offered by Global Trading26 is the Platinum account. This account type is created for professional traders who can invest at least 100k Euros. The features of a Platinum account include 1:60 leverage on all trades, and the withdrawal time is further reduced to three days only.

  • Diamond Account

The most demanded account type offered by Global Trading26 is the Diamond account. This account type is created for experienced traders. The minimum and maximum deposit limits of Diamond account are 200k and 500k Euros. In response to this much investment, the traders receive services and features such as quarterly dividends, an account manager, one on one educational classes, and many more. The withdrawal approval time is only 48 hours.

  • VIP Account

The last and the most advanced account type offered by Global Trading26 is the VIP account. This account can be opened if you have at least 500k Euros, but there is no maximum limit of deposit which means that you can trade as much as you want. Some of the fascinating features of this account are 1:150 leverage, a VIP mentorship program, and all the other features offered in other types of accounts. If you want are a VIP account holder and want to withdraw your money, then your request will be approved on the same day.

Final Remarks

I have fulfilled my duty of providing all the necessary details about the Global Trading26 broker. Now having an eye on its services such as security, customer support, and a variety of trading accounts, you need to make a decision on your own. If you want to register yourself with this brokerage platform, then open their website and get yourself registered.

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