El Salvador Arranging 20 Bills for Legislative Structure for BTC Bonds

El Salvador’s administration, headed by the President Nayib Bukele, has prepared twenty laws for the purpose of providing a legislative structure for the issuance of Btc bonds. The bills would assist El Salvador’s authorities with establishing the legislative as well as economic structure for Volcano Bonds, a $1B Btc bond offering. 

El Salvador’s Arrangement for BTC Bond

On 4th January, Treasury Secretary Alejandra Zelaya informed El Mundo that the laws would contain procedures for giving securities in cryptocurrencies in order to assure the sustainability of the BTC bonds planned in November 2021. He stated that this is for giving everybody that purchases a BTC bond a legislative framework as well as regulatory assurance. Although, he didn’t suggest any period for submission of the legislation to the legislatives.

The funds from which they’d be using for the construction of Bitcoin City would be gotten from the $1B that was raised by bond issuance that President Bukele made promises of providing geothermal source of energy for powering the whole city, tech and digital education, as well as a reliable means of transportation.

A Bitcoin city characteristic is the BTC mining function responsible for harnessing the power being produced with the aid of a volcano for the purpose of powering mining rigs thereby making the bonds to be called Volcano Bonds. The initial 0.00599179BTC was mined on 1st October, 2021. They could utilize cash from bond issue for paying down $800M Eurobond issue that’d get matured in January 2023. 


According to Zelaya’s statement to El Mundo, the nation will have to discover funders to assist them in fulfilling their duty of paying off the Eurobonds that can be realized from BTC bonds or institutional offers from different investment banks instead of a different Eurobond issue.

We could just get the payments done without having to create a different Eurobond within the local marketplace, and we could discover a bond denominated in USD and get payment in BTC. Eurobond is simply a debt tool utilized by countries for raising money in denominations different from their local currency.

Renowned El Salvadoran partners responsible for the development of Volcano Bonds are iFinex and Blockstream who have strong relations with USDT. There are expectations for the issuance of bonds on the Liquid Network of Blockstream and undergo processing by iFinex.

According to the post President Bukele made on his Twitter account on 2nd January concerning his forecasts for 2022, while Bitcoin City is going to start getting constructed, Volcano bonds would become oversubscribed.

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