Dogecoin Foundation Says Dogecoin2.0 Has No Affiliation With DOGE

A recently launched meme coin, Dogecoin, has initiated its latest project named Dogecoin 2.0. The coin claims to be the upgraded version of Doge. BSC blockchain provides the basis for the token to run on. The investors can mistakenly take the newly entering token for the previous version of Dogecoin. This situation endorsed the foundation of Dogecoin to state for the clarification of its link with the latest Dogecoin 2.0.

Two separate tokens Dogecoin 2.0 and Dogecoin

A post was published by the organization of Dogecoin on the official website thereof to demystify that there is no association of Doge 2.0 with the official Dogecoin. The post stated that some concerned members of the community inquired about whether there was a connection between the two or the latest version was a part of the original one. Even though the Doge-2.0 names itself as an upgraded version of Doge, it does not have any ties with the real Dogecoin.

The foundation mentioned that it would support the latest projects being developed in the community; however, there is a necessity of protecting them from the schemes that could tempt them to consider that they were exclusively investing their money in the real project. For this purpose, the foundation has directed its lawyers specified for brand protection to communicate with the Dogecoin-2.0’s project developers.

It is so to ask the group at the back of the project to select another name for it because the presently chosen title is showing a direct link to the official Dogecoin. It further clarified that the current name violates the reputation and rights of the brand ‘Dogecoin.’ And therefore, things could bring about horrible outcomes for the Doge project if some unfavorable situation happens to the latest token.

Previous project denunciations

Despite the rapid increase in the fame of Doge, there are also some shortcomings in it. A lot of projects claimed to have affiliation with the official Doge to have a share in its popularity. Due to this, the foundation felt urged to disprove all the connections with such projects. A few among these programs incorporated AngoZaibatsu, MoonRabbit, as well as the Dogecoin-Foundation by utilizing its domain ‘’ The foundation, nonetheless, denied having collaboration with any of such bodies clarifying that these remarks were wrongly claimed by them.

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