Darknet Lord Set To Be Tried By The U.S SEC

Crypto hacks, scams, and security breaches continue to tarnish the growth of the cryptocurrency space. However, Wall Street is not left alone, as these scammers have also devised several means of defrauding investors in the space of their valuables. However, In the latest report by the U. S Financial regulators, it is now set to try James Roland Jones, a darknet lord who has been accused of perpetuating Securities fraud of variant forms, and he is set to face the wrath of the law for his evil acts. Coincidentally, this will be the first time the U. S Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC) will be trying a criminal from the Darknet.

James made almost $30,000 on selling fake tips

The accusations against James are based on breaching insider information and privacy policy, according to the complaint. The case was filed last week, and according to the information available, James had been using the darknet and materials non-public information(MNPI) to breach Securities trading protocols. However, there are claims that the Darknet had not aided the Scammer, but as usual with typical con artists, James was able to perpetuate his plans via another means.

He has since laid claims to ownerships of these MNPIs since 2017, and he has been selling them as his intellectual property. James has allegedly been getting rewards on the sales of the phony MNPI and has since accrued almost $30,000 on Bitcoin as rewards. However, most of James’s victims claimed that his trade tips were blown out of proportion, as they were mere predictions. James’ clients believed that his tips were not exceptional, as most times they failed woefully. Many clients complained that James also sold different tips on the stock, while others also raised concerns over getting the same tip on different stocks.

James will now face the law for all his crimes

James reportedly took his con game to another level when he reportedly offered customers whose trade tips failed another new tip for free. He is also accused of luring his customers to giving him positive reviews, even when dissatisfied with his works. Before the new allegations, James started a mutual investment pull funding, where investors would gather money to invest in securities. He was able to lure many investors into the fund by promising them a mouthwatering return on investment.

Unfortunately, many investors were unsatisfied with the scheme, as they claimed not to get returns on their investments. A few of the investors claimed not to receive their capital back, as James had claimed the scheme had collapsed. However, the good thing about James’s situation is that the Scammer is now set to face the law, as the U.S SEC has vowed that they will ensure that justice is served. James is currently facing trials for all the allegations against him at the time of writing and is set to go to court soon.

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