Cryptocurrency Open Payment Alliance (COPA) Sues Craig Wright

Despite the rapid boom of Bitcoin, pegged to be the foremost and most valuable cryptocurrency in the Blockchain space, the digital assets have not being spared from criticisms. Many criticisms tailored towards the digital asset have focused sparingly on its rapid price volatility, amongst others.

However, the identity of the anonymous creator of Bitcoin- Satoshi, which remains unknown, has led to many developers and Blockchain affiliates laying claim of ownership to the Bitcoin whitepaper. However, Software developer- Craig Wright, who has, in the past, self-proclaimed himself as the owner of Bitcoin, has now found himself in the middle of a lawsuit for laying claims to the ownership of the Bitcoin white paper.

COPA wants the court to strip Wright of laying claims over the white paper ownership

Before now, Craig Wright has always laid claims to the Bitcoin white paper and has filed several lawsuits against entities who have used the legal document without his permission. However, with the new lawsuit being filed by Square-owned COPA, the software developer who has made a name for himself in the Blockchain space by claiming to be Satoshi will understand why the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

In the COPA announcement via their Twitter handle, they have now announced that they are suing the nChain Chief Scientist, proclaiming his claims over the Bitcoin whitepaper as false. COPA believes that Wright is neither the creator nor owner of Bitcoin, and they believe that their use of the Bitcoin whitepaper is not an infringement of any nature.

The non-profit organization formed by Jack Dorsey-owned Square now wants the court to permanently restrict Wright from stopping any Blockchain-related organization from using the white paper. If there request is granted, the Australian computer scientist will no longer proclaim the 2008 document as his anymore.

Wright is yet to respond to COPA’s claims

Craig Wright claims as Satoshi of the Bitcoin project has continued to take several turns in the past few years. Earlier in January, Wright had instructed his lawyers to sue and, both of whom he claimed were using the whitepaper illegally if they refuse to remove it off their platform.

Fortunately for the Computer scientist, complied with his request and subsequently removed the white paper. Unfortunately, that singular event in January had now led many support groups like COPA demanding for Wright to support his claims of the Bitcoin white paper.

Both Estonia and Columbia’s government, both of whom have aligned with COPA to demand clarity from Wright, believes that Wright will need solid proof to lay ownership to the Bitcoin whitepaper. COPA believes that Wright claims to be Satoshi is baseless, and they disagree with his claims unless he provides a shred of evidence. However, there is no official response from Wright to COPA at the time of writing, as it appears that the UK court will have to deliberate on the case.

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