A Sales Consultant Was Found Guilty Of Transferring BTC To IS Terrorist Organization In The Middle East

A sales advisor named Hisham Chaudhary (the resident of the United Kingdom) figured out being guilty of depositing BTC to the extremist group Islamic State. The investigation of the case is in progress, and the accused has to wait for the judgment till the 3rd of September.

Deliveries of Bitcoin to the ‘Islamic State’

The BBC (British Broadcast) recently stated that a panel of Birmingham Crown Court discovered the citizen of Oadby (Hisham Chaudhary) to be guilty of depositing Bitcoin as a fund to the Islamic State organization, which is a propagandist group and utilizes the internet for achieving its dark purposes.

According to the investigation, many ten hundreds of pounds had been converted into BTC by the accused (aging 28 years). Subsequently, he delivered that money to pull back the supporters of IS from Syrian detention camps.

The accusations leveled against him were denied by the accused, and he claimed that his deeds were done on humanitarian grounds. However, a jihad video had been played by the prosecution, which was linked to the terrorist war motives that the criminal had distributed using the internet.

Additionally, in November 2 years back, the police officers of the U.K. found some devices from his home that containing propaganda records related to IS. It was commented by Martin Snowden (the Chief Superintendent and head of North East Counter Terrorism Police) that such organizations present a serious risk to society. Anyone displaying any assistance for them (regardless of form) will be put on trial without exception. Notwithstanding the bulk of the evidence presented against him, the accused displayed his personality to be a humanitarian. He is, no doubt, a terrorist, and the jury has noticed it.

The court authorities found the person guilty of at least seven offenses mentioned in the Terrorism Act. Four of them relate to the dissemination of a terrorist-related publication, one deals with his membership of the aforementioned organization, and the remaining two are related to financing the terrorism. The sentence will be given on the 3rd of September.

ISIS to have stored $300 million worth of Bitcoin

It has been frequently reported that the terrorist organization ISIS might be holding BTC valuing over $300M radically available for war purposes. However, Chainalysis (a firm describing analytics of blockchain) has proposed the theory to be unlike by stating that transparency of crypto makes it unlikely for illegitimate funds because the terrorists prefer using cash to carry out their activities.

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