Ubisoft partners Sorare to Create Free-to-Play Crypto Game

The game will be built on Belgium Professional League games with the Ethereum-based Sorare, which got nearly $50 million recently. The name of the newly launched crypto game from Ubisoft and Sorare is called One Shot. The game supports the use of Ethereum-based digital cards. This is one of the major initiatives Ubisoft has made to launch itself into the world of cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, Sorare has just revealed that it raised the sum of $50 million as the first series of fundraising. The month of February was a good one for Sorare, the Ethereum-based fantasy soccer game. Interestingly, the month of March is also starting on a good note, as the firm just launched One Shot game with Ubisoft

One Shot League Has Been Launched

The game, One Shot League, was launched yesterday; hence, interested users have begun to participate. The game, which involves Sorare user experience, has over a hundred authorized teams and leagues globally. To participate, a player must have an account with Sorare and can participate with their Sorare premium cards in the form of NFTs. One Shot League has features similar to the main Sorare game. The League is a sort of fantasy environment, consisting of players using digital cards based on professional players worldwide. This game will begin with Belgium’s Jupiler Pro League that that still has five more weeks to end the season.

Now, any player who signs up for One Shot League will get 25 free Sorare regular cards. Such players will be entitled to use the five cards weekly to gain points from every professional’s live performance. Any player that signs up for the subsequent week will get just 20 cards to use for the four weeks. Alternatively, they get five cards every week. This continues till the end of the season, at which the winning players will be awarded unique scorecards.

This is not Ubisoft’s first partnership with Startups

It is worthy to note that Ubisoft is the leading partner in this project. Ubisoft has sold successful games such as Just Dance, Assassin’s Creed, among others. In a statement released by Sorare, Ubisoft has made a concerted effort for several months to ensure this game comes to reality. Strategic Innovation Lab is the department responsible for the successful launch of One Shot League. The department has supported many startups both within and outside the blockchain industry. This is not the first time Ubisoft is collaborating with a startup to launch a project. Ubisoft has also launched some crypto games in the past. The company boasts of being the leader in the publishing of traditional games in the crypto industry. In June last year, the firm released Rabbids Token for UNICEF. The firm attempted to launch Hashcraft, which was Minecraft inspired, but the launching did not succeed.

Apart from this project, Ubisoft is also supporting other games, including Axie Infinity and Nine Chronicles. The firm has also been validating EOS digital gaming called Ultra. One of the company’s officials says the firm views the NFT gaming world to simulate an environment where players can be part and parcel of the games they cherish. The firm recently revealed that it has raised the sum of 50 million funds from Accel, Alexis, and others after raising $4 million in 2020. According to the official, the company will use the funds to augment its team further, add to the existing soccer leagues, and develop a traditional Sorare Mobile app.

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