Time Magazine Lists Two Cryptocurrency Firms In Its List Of Top 100 Most Influential Companies

Time Magazine has continued expressing its fondness towards crypto by listing Coinbase and Digital Currency Group in its most recent release on Tuesday. Being on the list indicate the impact two juggernauts have been able to make since the previous year. The magazine list consists of five distinct categories, which goes as follows Disrupters, Innovators, Leaders, Pioneers and Titans.

The DCG was associated with the disrupter category, sharing its position with prominent names like Tesla, Shopify, Clubhouse and Huawei. The magazine noted that the Digital Currency Group’s subsidiary Grayscale and digital currency news site CoinDesk has made crypto much easier to understand for the investor. Currently, grayscale manages $45.5 billion in assets.

Even though Grayscale enjoyed a promising year, the inclusion of Digital Currency Group may have been leveraged by a partnership with the prominent magazine itself as Grayscale and the magazine are uniting their forces to release a succession of informational videos related to crypto. It is said that Time magazine has agreed to be compensated by Grayscale in BTC and maintain Bitcoin on its financial book.

However, Coinbase is listed under the Titan category with notable names like Alibaba, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Walmart. The digital asset exchange helped supporting digital asset’s credibility in regards to Coinbase’s listing on Nasdaq in April. The crypto exchange racked $1.8 billion in the first quarter compared to the previous year, which was close to $1.2 billion in revenue.

Coinbase allows user around 56 million to trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and many more. On 14th April, Coinbase closed its initial day of operating at $86 billion, in-process establishing it as the most treasured financial exchange in the USA, more significantly boosting the reputation of cryptocurrencies in front of Wall st players.

The inclusion of both of the crypto-based companies has further cemented the mainstream adoption of crypto. If we look back, not a long time ago, it was all but impossible to imagine both of the companies to be mentioned within the same context as Adidas, Airbnb, BP, Paypal and Spotify.

The magazine was initially published in 1923 and gradually voyaged to the digital assets world. As in March, the magazine auctioned its magazine front covers as NFTs with the most revenue-generating NFT selling close to $250,000.

In the previous week, the magazine announced a recent venture with Crypto.com in order to allow crypto-based payment for the magazine’s eighteen-month subscription, also giving a cashback of 10% to subscribers who pay using CRO.

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